Running Facebook Ads with Winning Products in 2019! (Shopify Dropshipping Journey Episode 5)

Running Facebook Ads with Winning Products in 2019! (Shopify Dropshipping Journey Episode 5)


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In this video I explain how a complete beginner with no experience can gain success dropshipping in 2019! Do me a favor and like the video so i know to keep making more videos like this! Also be sure to subscribe for my NEW videos week! ►

How do you find winning products? There are a ton of ways of finding BEST sellers to sell on your dropshipping store but out of all of them no is no clear answer on which is the correct. BUT there are EASIER ways to do product research in 2019! Click these must watch videos below and learn how to find your winning product!

Revealing My Winning Product:
HOTTEST Products to Sell Right Now:
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  1. Thanks for the love and support guys! Let's start the week off right! Learn how to build a profitable shopify business here:

  2. hey malik, i bought the course, where is the private facebook group?

  3. how many ad sets under each campaign?

  4. Hey man I could really use the extra help, I’ve been hitting 1k the past 3 months but I’m having trouble scaling 😫 I’m not sure if it’s my ad or if i’m getting the right results. I’m running a one product store and just need a little guidance in the right direction. I know you’re probably really busy but if you have some time to talk 1 on 1 I would really appreciate the help. Even just 2 minutes would really help.. Thanks man, keep killing it and dropping these value bombs!!

  5. I say turn it off, no metric holds higher value than purchase's even if the vanity metrics are appealing. In addition consider is a 8$ CPP going to infringe on your profitability ?

  6. I started few days ago. I want to know where to find a good influencer on Instagram that can run an ad for me. I'm looking to pay from £20-£30. Please if you have any influencer then please reply or give any help. I haven't made any sells yet :/

  7. Hey bro, you are doing great on your videos, they are inspiring. Question, how do you manage the 30days shipping can you explain in details, thanks.

  8. More great content bro. You still got the juice

  9. Where have you been bro? I'm sure this vid is valuebomb

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