Salehoo review and Dropship tips, salehoo, shopify, ebay

Salehoo review and Dropship tips, salehoo, shopify, ebay


I have pre-made Aliexpress dropshipping sites ready for you.

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Free Ebook – 101 Guide to Product Sourcing on eBay. This is a free gift for trying the 60 trail with Salehoo. All you need to do is email your ClickBank receipt to after signing up with Salehoo. Once you email your clickbank receipt the Ebook will automatically be emailed to you it is an amazing resource to have.

In this video I share some Tips on how to drop ship and how to price your items. I use these techniques every time I list an item and they work great for me and my business. If your new to drop shipping, reselling items you find on amazon or ebay or even walmart is okay however, if you want to take your business to a new level you really need to resell item you buy at a wholesale price. Salehoo provides you with that opportunity to do just that starting out. If you have not done so already watch my previous salehoo review video to get a better understanding of what salehoo is.

Also if you want to open your own store please use the link above for a 14 day free trail of Shopify. Salehoo also offers a 60 day trail period of their $67 a year Salehoo subscription. Try them out for 60 days if you don’t like it get your money back there nothing to lose. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this description and for watching my video please leave any comments or questions below. God Bless you.

I have pre-made Aliexpress dropshipping sites ready for you.

INFINii, join my team Learn to Dropshipping step by step:

Visit my Guide To Drop Shipping Blog:

Here is how I started my own store.

Visit salehoo official site click the link below

Visit my facebook page and learn more dropshipping.

Free lessons on how to drop ship on eBay:


  1. You are so helpful. Thank you

  2. is there an autopilot app for you to fulfill customer's orders, or do you have to order each customers order one by one

  3. You don't respond to emails.

  4. infinii is asking for payment information but ain't give no PRICE!

  5. Pretty cool and looking forward to watching your other videos. Quick question: How much cash would you need to throw at one online business to get it running so it was just profitable? Obviously this would vary from niche to niche but do you have a golden ratio or something?

  6. keep the videos coming! you are doing a great service and I thank you. I'm just starting out into the field of ecommerce and you are helping me avoid some pitfalls. thank you thank you thank you, for being so honest as well:)

  7. Talk about advice? I stopped this video to change my items to free shipping as you suggested and before the vid was done I sold 2 items! Seriously thanks!

  8. Like your video. Don't know how to start from scratch even if we talk about 'cut-paste' in different sites and building a store in shopify when I have no knowledge of the niche I want, the products to sell or the wholesalers… do you start???  (no specific computer skills like website design or e commerce shop design, so how do I go about that???)

  9. Hey are you still in the DS business?

  10. I have been watching a lot of your videos the last week, and its helping me take the plunge into trying dropshipping. I have been doing wholesaling for the past year, and its got me feeling a little better about my financial status. I am on salehoo now, trying to email distributors. If I wanted to join another site, what would be the best one, not for tips but to find more distributors if you had to decide? Also do you have great apps for ebay that will help make things easier? Like ebay has the one that puts every process in a category, auto adds tracking numbers with post purchase, and I would love that kind of options when wanting to purchase items for dropshipping if possible.

  11. I am amazed at your information.  I would love see a screenshot video of how you import products into Shopify.  How do you drive traffic to your site? Keep it up young man!

  12. I have some questions that I would like to ask you Otto Thompson, if I can email you my questions that would be great!

  13. What do you do if someone wants to return an item or it comes damaged?

  14. Hello, are you still selling via sales hop? How is it going? I am interested in getting started very soon. I have watched a couple of your videos and they are inspiring. Please get back to me soon!:)

  15. hi otto  I heard on one of ur videos that it doesn't matter if ur item on ebay is higher price than others  , I am good ebay shopper and I never paid a penny more than the lowest seller for the item I am looking for 
     so how the pp would buy from u something that you r selling  is more expensive than others? 

  16. great tips! glad I watched the whole video. Thx!

  17. Otto how you doing mate!, im newish to ebay an i d say the fees are fookked but hey gotta start somewhere, anyway, your vids are awesome and luv the humour, hope you can help me more when i need you advice bro. from the uk speak soon i hope.

  18. thanks for sharing this awesome advice. . . .

  19. Shopify, Ebay and Dropshipping Tips Video.

    Watch this straight forward video on how to start your own dropshipping business with Shopify or eBay. Amazing tips that will get you started and sales fast. 

  20. My question is how do you get traffic to your Shopify account?  I have had one for about a week now and haven't made any sales. I only have about 25 products listed as of now but I am adding more and more each day from dropshippers I use.

  21. this is not review you just pushing a affiliate link  not allot of people know that people make money off affiliate links- if you doing a review you have to put pros and cons not just telling people to click a link 

  22. This guy knows his stuff!  Thank you Otto for some great direction!

  23. great video, I got shopify, but how do you get traffic? thanks, also got salehoo, just can't get traffic to my shopify store at thanks

  24. Great Video!  I'm new at this..Have a new Ebay store and Big Commerce. I tried to dropship items on Ebay using the manufacturer's pic..Ebay would not let me complete the listings saying the image is too small. How do I get around this??

  25. do you file taxes for ebay? im scared because i dont have a sales permit and dont want to start selling if i dont know how to file taxes. 

  26. We have awesome customer return items for sale that would be perfect for an ebay seller. go to and under advanced search type 'gsnsales' in the seller name box to get a list of our current auctions.  We have alot of smaller lots great for beginners. Thanks!


  28. Otto you are right on!  clear info and straight down to the point.
    EBAY SUCKS!  Ebay eats most of your profit, so sellers end up in most cases working for ebay/paypal. 
    Thay are taking advantage of people and being very unfair. 
    There are better ways to make money.

  29. Man…your vid was so helpful! I can't thank you enough for the heads up! I'm new to the online business scene and I can use all of the help that I can get. I seriously think with the info you've given, I will do well! Thanks again and keep bringing us that helpful info😀.

  30. Otto! y why is it when i finally tried to sign up i get a email sayin im gonna b rebilled every  month $22 

  31. Thank you for this Otto!  Do need a business license to work with a wholesaler?  I thought that eBay drop shipping was the biz…..that's what everyone is saying.  I have an account with Shopify, but I don't have inventory.  My current job is paying $12/hr and almost ALL OF YOUTUBE is telling me I can make that drop shipping.  Is it true when I'm just starting out?  I listed a dress on eBay to see if I could sell it and it's still there!!!!! (I won't quit my day job just yet)

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  33. Please make a video on how to advertize your shopify website.  If I make my own website to avoid ebay fees, I would like to know how to get that traffic.  Thanks. 

  34. Is there anyway that you can let me know if they are retro Jordan's and limited nike shoes or is it just general running shoes

  35. does salehoo have a distributor for Nike shoes and Jordans?

  36. your videos are great very helpful. I have a question how do people find your personal website

  37. Hey man great videos! Just wondering how much time you're spending on dropshipping a week/day?

  38. Good info!!! I also have a shopify but still having a hard time exactly getting starting is there a way i can contact you by email for futher questions? 

  39. Great video. 🙂 Very helpful.

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