Sell On Instagram With Shopify | Shopify Instagram Integration

Sell On Instagram With Shopify | Shopify Instagram Integration



You can now link Shopify to Instagram which will allow you to tag your products within your Instagram posts.

Product tagging will enable your Instagram followers to click on your items and be sent to your Shopify store to buy them! This is a great opportunity to get many more customers to your Shopify store through using Instagram marketing.

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Previously you would have had to rely on Instagram Ads or Instagram Influencer shoutouts which would cost you money. Now you can tag your Instagram posts for free to send your customers to your Shopify store!

Must Have Software:
– Wix (blogs) ► (free)
– Merch Informer (Amazon Merch) ►
– TubeBuddy (YouTube Optimiser) ►
– Teachable (online courses) ►
– AWeber (emails) ► (30-day free trial)
– ClickFunnels (sales pages) ► (14-day free trial)


Other Must Haves:
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  1. What do you think to the Shopify Instagram integration?

  2. Too much talking, I coud not see how to intergration !!

  3. im not one to comment. but bruh wtf was this… click bait smh

  4. TOO MUCH TALKING. Please cover the information faster

  5. I`m in Switzerland, i want to use this too, but i guess i will have to wait to see if Instagram expands to other countries with this feature.

  6. Jump to 3:16 to get to the point.

  7. Guys i found site which is called Agench. Also has a free trial.

  8. So does that mean i cannot integrate my Instagram business with Shopify if im based in South Africa?

  9. Can you share posts still directly from fb business to instagram business page? Or even from Shopify to both simultaneously?

  10. Instagram no longer works on Shopify, please let all new users know this, you can read post from Shopify Reviews

  11. i have a general store, and am controlling 5 different niche pages and IG accounts. any idea how to link those also?

  12. and how do they know what country are you in??

  13. Hey Greg, I was reading new YT policy update the other day. They were explicitly saying that the tag stuffing (adding tags also in the description) violates their policy. I'm not sure how hard they will be going after this, but just so you know.

  14. I need a company to start dropshipping with shopify in Europe?
    In can do llc in ue ?

  15. Man I really love your videos and content!!! Just keep up the work!

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