SELL These 3 WINNING $100,000 Products NOW Part 3 | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

SELL These 3 WINNING $100,000 Products NOW Part 3 | Shopify Dropshipping 2019


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Hey everyone, thanks for watching this video. I have been making more of these videos as I feel it is important you understand entirely with just a few free tools, understanding and approach how easy it is to find winning products, why they are winning products, how to market them, how to scale them all in a single video live from myself.

I think transparency is 100% the key which is why I did this live and found the $100,000k products 5 minutes before live recording. It is a skill you need to learn and understand as it will propel you above other’s understanding these core elements is the very foundation of your success. And to me, if I can contribute in some fashion towards your success I consider that my success.

So be sure to take notes of these winning products, market them quickly as people will jump on them quickly and keep these teachings in place so you achieve the results you deserve!


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  1. Hope you all enjoyed today's video. Let me know below what other videos you would like to see!

  2. Hey straight forward n informative video 👍

    I just have a few questions id Appreciate you answering :

    Are people happy to order something that might take weeks to arrive from AliExpress?

    What if the customer isnt happy and wants a refund/ return? What do i do then?

  3. Ricky a lot fo these ads are old like months ago. Why would you still test it? Wouldnt people already have seen the ad?

  4. Hey Ricky my name was drawn 😁

  5. Crush it ! , awesome video my guy keep them coming.

  6. Thanks Ricky 🙂

    Curious what you meant by automation.

    You said “This guy has probably made 70 orders at least, I would probably make more because i use a lot of automation.”


  7. I want my coach call please Skype Uerlisson Farias

  8. Thanks Ricky. Always appreciate your content. 🙂

  9. We will crush it with your advise

  10. Crush it , awesome 👏

  11. Crush It – Thanks Ricky Awesome Stuff!!

  12. Yo Ricky, what you mean there are 70 orders ? Whats the logic there ? We all know those reviews are fake lol. No product will have 100% satisfied customers. [CRUSH IT]

  13. Hey Ricky, love your content. But has FB ads been "underperforming" lately? A few Higher ups in Ecom have said the same thing.

  14. ok so things been a bit rough, but i know i just need to keep on waiting for things to be fixed. Its only been a few days, so i just need to be patient and wait until i get 50 sales on 1 of my products so i can scale it

  15. Thank you Ricky. Crush It!

  16. Crush it. Very helpful video, wish I had this sort of content when I first started, keep doing your thing man!

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