Shopify – 5 Tips To $50,000 On Black Friday

Shopify – 5 Tips To $50,000 On Black Friday


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In this video i share with you one of the products that i did with Free plus shipping method that brought in great revenue in my online shopify business.

If you gonna apply the strategy
Be sure to watch my last week video on the method to use
That way you will have full clarity on how to do it…
I hope this help you…

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Video Skips:
0:36 Shopify – 5 Tips To $50,000 On Black Friday
1:05 Shopify go hard or go home
1:10 Tip number 1, find hot selling products
2:12 Tip number 2, Increase testing capital
3:24 Be on the other end of the Transaction
4:13 Tip number 3, Find Instagram Influencers
5:09 Tip number 4, Upload Your Buyers In Fb For Lookalike Audience
6:20 Tip number 5, using Scarcity
6:43 Bundle up your Offers to increase customer value
7:15 Different Discount Rate
8:10 Bonus 1, make your store mobile friendly
9:10 Bonus 2, Pop up doesn’t cover add to cart
9:30 Bonus 3, Send out an email
10:11 Let’s go on Black Friday with Shopify

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This video is about Shopify – Shopify – 5 Tips To $50,000 On Black Friday


  1. This video was helpful bro Keder… Thanks man

  2. Thanks Keder that was really really helpful. I've already successfully tested products using IG influencers before even watching this video, now I have a clear strategy to follow for BF and CM! 😅 Bon bagay!

  3. Gооd vіdео!. I've bееn having grеаt ѕuссеѕѕ wіth есоmmеrсе. Guуѕ уоu nееd tо think оutѕіdе thе bоx. I am now mаkіng over $1000 a dау wіthоut any promotion. Tо lеаrn more search for eCom X Doom on google

  4. Hey Keder, you’re so great, I admire you man…
    I know you are living in Orlando… I need some help

  5. my first time ever seeing you flash money! Wow!

  6. Hello ,kader can you tell us what type of ads we should run is the PPE or WC ?if the WC which type we should use Add to cart or purchase or view content.??
    Big respect brother

  7. I love you man . You inspired me to start something, but I didn’t make any sale for the past 3 weeks

  8. Thanks for the tips! I only have 2 sales so far but lol i'll get there soon

  9. My website is…I have 51 sales….Please help me get more…

  10. So is Thursday afternoon good to start the promotion or should i wait till friday?

  11. Great video as usual Keder!

  12. Go hard or go home … nice

  13. Let's get it 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Please check out my website and please help me criticise it… I want to know how I can do better….

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