Shopify App Development – Webhooks: Registering and Responding

Shopify App Development – Webhooks: Registering and Responding


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Webhooks are an incredibly useful tool for your application. They allow your shopify app to respond to events within a shopify merchants’ store in creative ways that provide value to merchants.

For example, you could register a webhook that responds to new order events that notify fulfillment houses that they need to pack and ship your products.

In this video, I’ll show you how to register a product update webhook, get the list of registered webhooks for a store and how to respond to events sent from shopify to your registered webhook URL.

To get a more conceptual explanation of what webhooks are from check out Shopify’s documentation:

Presented by John Paul Hayes founder of Brehon Technologies.

The code used in this tutorial can be found here:

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  2. Thank you for that guide, it`s very helpful!

  3. To every who watch this – do not forget to verify hmac value, cause if you don't, it might be a really big vulnerability in your application!

  4. what about an embedded app in python? any ideas how can that be done? Thanks.

  5. Following along, I can get to register and work. But I get a "Not Found" when a click is registered on "Click to register product update webhook". Do each endpoint have to be whitelisted in Shopify to allow the proper click through?

  6. can you realize a tutorial the shopify in django

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