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👉 Here is the link to spy on best sellers on all Shopify Stores as shown in the video: “/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling”

This is Day 1 of my 7 day Challenge with Shopify. Watch daily as I take a BRAND NEW store from $0 to over $1,000 in sales in 7 Days.

In Day 1 I will be doing Product Research and Spying on Competitors. I show you how I find a product and how I promote that product. Product research is the most important part. Having a good understanding of what people really want is the most important part of Ecommerce.

👉 Remember in order to have success in any business you need to train your mindset to attract positive things. This is the secret to my success. Without the right mindset you cannot have success in anything that you do. Watch the movie “The Secret” on Netflix for a general understanding and then proceed by listening to the audio book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. Your life will never be the same if you implement the exercises!

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  1. That’s crazy to find a drop shipper where I live that’s having success. I’m just starting off myself. By the way yeah most people don’t think New Mexico is even real. Most people think it’s part of Mexico

  2. ur shit sucks. i cant believe u charge people $500 for your recycled crap. classic scammer

  3. Hey I was watching your first video again and I was wondering how I'd find a product as promising as the microblade pen. You happened to see it in the mall but the stores in my area are really small. How do I find those really niche products like the microblade pen?

  4. Dont get scammed by this guy, stats and testimonials are fake. Dont get scammed

  5. This is just what I was looking for, thank you!

  6. Your channel is bound to blow up, brother. Great insights! Thank you.

  7. You are a beast of dropshipping 😱💸💸💸

  8. Thanks for doing this I am here bro don't worry, I have been studying/researching for a year now finally have an income to do something. TIME TO EXECUTE!

  9. Excellent info! I can tell these 7 days are going to be AMAZING!

  10. Thank you for your content. Of all the videos and paid courses I took. This is A+ insider 🔥 info keep it up !

  11. When I m spying on competitors at their store. Can I go on Facebook with their store name to somehow find the exact video they posted for that best selling product ? "I.e. Search Themgadgets get it now last lift" for videos ?

  12. i'm your number one fan man,,, good stuff even before the channel

  13. That bitly trick! I love you man! 😀

  14. Dude, you're awesome! Looking forward to watching.

  15. Great stuff lucas hit.the subscribe bell

  16. Lucas AKA The General is back !

  17. from tunisia i want to Tell you ( thank you and we wait more )

  18. Watching, and my screen name was Seven Days long before the video lol.

  19. can't wait for the next episode

  20. Great vid Lucas 🙂 Thank you !

  21. Bro the kaylie is there from kim kardashi
    If we related to kim
    And we promote our product brand
    We could make 1 milion a month only because kim promote that and she is popular

  22. I'm here! Yeah!!!!!!!!

  23. What up lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for this!!!!!!

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