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This is Day 4 of my $0 to $1,000 in 7 days challenge. In this video I review some stats and watch the store grow! I also talk about something VERY IMPORTANT. How ads actually optimize.

👉 Remember in order to have success in any business you need to train your mindset to attract positive things. This is the secret to my success. Without the right mindset you cannot have success in anything that you do. Watch the movie “The Secret” on Netflix for a general understanding and then proceed by listening to the audio book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. Your life will never be the same if you implement the exercises!

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  1. Heyyy!!!! Thank you so much for your videos! I subscribed and I saved every one so i could try to do this. I'm desperate to find something that works to bring in an income at home. Anyways…. I'm kinda having a hard time finding something to start out with. Is there anyway you could kinda talk to me one on one an answer a question or two that i have? I'd love to take your course but I cant afford it!!! I'm literally starting at the bottom! I think i'm going to look for you on facebook if thats cool?? Anyways thank you so much! You have been super helpful!!!!

  2. Hey Lucas, you mentioned reaching out to 7 influencers and she was the only one that replied. Where / How did you search for them?

  3. What if I do 10 adsets for conversion purchase to test a product. It says to have 50 conversions per adsets

  4. So u need minimum 50 coments for fb to optimide

  5. Hi lucas, but how do we consider first 100 members, do we have a software that delivers the free course automatically

  6. Once you get 50+ view content on a ad set do you go back to the same ad set and change it to ATC or do create a brand new ad set for ATC?

  7. Hey Luacs, how are you dealing with the shipping time? It is taking more than a month to ship to phillipines.

  8. Love it! I see a shopifymastery purchase in my near future if the content is even close to this. Can't wait to see tomorrow!

  9. What constitutes as a Third world country that's persuasive-able and likeable for IG influencer reachout ? Now that you have done it, Philippines seems like this royal country. I'm wondering now if Vietnam or maybe Singapore, or Hong Kong works now. Or I could be wrong

  10. Hey Lucas, can you make a video on how and where you find the influencer ?

  11. You're a natural recording. I need more practice. lol I need to get the ball rolling with influencer marketing. How did you find your influencer?

  12. You simplify the hell out of this.

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