Shopify Checkout Page Customization

Shopify Checkout Page Customization


Show content on the order status page.
How to put a custom content on the order page of shopify?

Hello and welcome everyone to my another video.
This is Pratham from @tripsterdevelopers.

Let talk more about shopify customization.
Today we will talk about order page customization on Shopify.

The order status page is the last page your customer sees when they order from your online store.
In most cases, the order status page is the final page of the checkout process.
Well lots of merchants and store owners are looking for an way to customize the order page or checkout page of their shopify website/Store

So here we are with some quick guidance about checkout page of shopify store.
So basically, The checkout.liquid is available to Shopify Plus Store owner only
If your store is not on Shopify Plus, then you will have to customize your checkout pages on the Customize theme page of your Shopify admin.
So lets Just check this out in our store.
Here i will add some products where i have already changed the price to 0
So now what you need to do is have your custom content shown when specific
shipping method has been chosen at the end of the checkout process or you can make them for all the same and have your content shown on order page.
Firstly, Go to your shopify admin and click on settings and than click on checkout.
This will basically take you to the checkout customization page.
Scroll down to the Additional Content & Scripts section.
Copy the code from below link and paste

And Save it.

Now we will go ahead and check if the content we have here is also available at the order page or checkout page.

We will go back to our shopify website and add this product to the cart and lets place a test order to check if its working.
So will now checkout and go to final page.
Here we will write our information.
than click

Now choose a shipping method we had in our script which is “Domestic Ground Shipping”.
And go ahead to the payment section and as we have no price for the product. it wont ask for card information.
Now lets place an order and see what happens.

Perfect! We have this content here on the order page showing up what we were looking for.

So hope you like this video tutorial for how to customize your checkout/order page on your online shopify store.

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