Shopify CSV – How to import products from an Excel or CSV file

Shopify CSV – How to import products from an Excel or CSV file


This video shows how anyone can take an existing excel file or CSV file and transfer the data onto a Shopify CSV template. The video uses a few formulas to make your life easier and show you how simple this can be.

Shopify Sample CSV and explanations of columns –
Google Sheets Formula Reference –


  1. Nice having the sound of rain in the background.

  2. Great video I'd been tearing my hair out before I found this video and bam imported- thank you so much!

  3. Hey so does it really matter if my product description doesn't have the <html><body> codes inserted ?

  4. Hi, this is a great video tutorial, just wanted to know, I have been having issues uploading my products, to confirm, that I had the correct titles I exported a sample CSV file from Shopify, etc..

    The problem comes when I increase the items that have multiple variants, it get to a point where, once I try to upload the products, it just simply does not show up in the product listing, I dont get any error messages. It so annoying lol… can you advise me on this?

  5. Thanks , but the song is very bad quality …

  6. Excelent detail, thanks for sharing this great video

  7. Thank you so much.This was a great help for me 🙂

  8. This is the most detail informative information on the subject on youtube but the worst video quality

  9. Hey James, I have a question. What if you only want to import some products from the csv file, and not all of them? How would you do that? Thanks

  10. hey brother, we cannot see whats on your screen. You need to tell us what you are typing.

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