Shopify Drop Shipping Tutorials # 3 – Creating a FaceBook Page

Shopify Drop Shipping Tutorials # 3 – Creating a FaceBook Page


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Creating a FaceBook page should be the least of your worries. The only reason you need one is because it’s a prerequisite to market using Newsfeed ads.

Just add a nice Profile Pic and Cover Photo and You’re ready to go!


  1. Aff question do you use Stripe or 2checkout?

  2. Hi, is there an advantage to using community over company for the type of fb page?

  3. how does one get paid through shopify as a seller? is it PayPal? or bank account?

  4. how much could this type of business model potentially expect to profit yearly?

  5. I Really Appreciate your basic, to the point videos! You don’t waste time. It's like this is how you do something, you explain the details succinctly and it's easy to follow along. Thanks, and Keep them coming!

  6. Hey Mateen, does Ali Express allow dropshipping? Will they let you send to different addresses every time? Thanks. Also, what happens if someone wants to return it?

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