Shopify Dropshipping Bought Me My Dream Car

Shopify Dropshipping Bought Me My Dream Car


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Shopify Google AdWords Tutorial – Part 1 ▶️

Shopify Dropshipping With Google AdWords VS Facebook Ads ▶️


How I Find $10K+/Month Products To Dropship ▶️


⬇️💸 Most Important Apps & Softwares I Use 💸⬇️

🔥 Pexda (Winning Products) ▶️

🔥 Shopify ▶️

🔥 Dropified ▶️

🔥 Wholesale2b (US Supplier) ▶️

🔥 ClickFunnels ▶️


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  1. Which do you honestly recommend niche or general which has done you the best? Also FB ads or Google Ads which is your best?

  2. But how??????? How bro???

  3. I have no doubt that you'll keep climbing the next levels of success! 👏
    It's amazing how you're living now just how you said you would, back in the humble days when lyft was life! lol
    Financially independent lifestyle ✔️  & now it's time to adapt proper nutrition 💪 because what's wealth without health ✊

  4. You leveled up like a mofo with the coupe pimpin

  5. Please, a video about how to find products for google ads, new methods.

  6. Where have you been all this time? Miss you!

  7. Brother congrats!

    I’m interested in your course but just wanna clarify is about google shopping? I’m very interested in google shopping and want to learn more. I noticed you mentioned ppc as well but I know google shopping is hot. Thank you! 🙏

  8. Law of attraction ☺️👏🏻

  9. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  10. Did you do $400k sending traffic to product page or you were using click funnels. And is that a One single product store? Congratulations bro

  11. Bro I been trying to reach out to you. Holla at me

  12. the huracan in the back

  13. Bro welcome back was worried about you

  14. Best way to find winning product for google shopping?? I already tested 50products but didn't find one!

    Btw nice video👍

  15. Can I have a successful shop with a 250$ budget?

  16. When did u start shopify?

  17. First! Where have you been?

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