Shopify Dropshipping In 2019 And Beyond Alex Philip Presentation

Shopify Dropshipping In 2019 And Beyond Alex Philip Presentation


Thanks So Much Capstone Church and Pastor Rakesh for the opportunity to speak and the Christian Business breakfast Meetup! Was another fantastic opportunity and experience for me and I appreciate it!

So guys what did you think about this one?
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I think I’ve come quite a way since the first one…

First time I didn’t base my presentation off a script. Prior to this everything was read off a paper or memorise a 20 minute talk. For this one I was told like 3 days before the meetup that I had the opportunity to be a Guest speaker and deliver a 20-30 minute speech but because I was “working” at Facebook the whole week ( I’ll make a video revealing everything I learnt there ) I only managed to start working on slides the night before. Literally finished the slides at 1am Saturday morning and at 5:30am I left to attend the Meetup without even managing to go over slides once. But I guess because I know a lot about the dropshipping subject, I didn’t even need preparation to speak about it, I just looked back and information just popped into my head and I started speaking more genuinely rather than like a robot on a script.

So still, really cool to present and hopefully I get many more opportunities like this. Crowd was about 20 people here but all kind of In the business world.

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  1. ur clowning people who work 9 to 5 jobs lol

  2. I used follow like and my accounts got banned in 2 hours i wasn't over doing follow and i sent dm to influencers

  3. Amazing presentation Alex. This vid is useful for those who are still confused about the business model.

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