SHOPIFY Dropshipping WITHOUT Aliexpress – High Ticket Selling

SHOPIFY Dropshipping WITHOUT Aliexpress – High Ticket Selling


In this video I talk about how you can utilize Shopify and the dropshipping business model to sell high ticket items online. This goes against the traditional Shopify dropshipping using aliexpress. This shopify strategy will allow you to sell products with local suppliers rather than ones overseas.

► ESSENTIAL Internet Marketing Tools I Personally Use:

Pexda Shopify Spy Tool:
Native Ads Spying Tool (Use code “BAMF_N” for 32% Off):
Hide My Ass VPN:


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  1. to be real this sucked watched another video that was better and had this same content. And the person that watched before has done "this random bullshit" that you haven't done. Ernest made 6 figures in 90 days I think. Not this shit man come on you can do better. low key ripped him off. I heard everything you said and watched the first 5 minutes you said a lot of nothing. I won't dislike the video cause I'm not a hater, but next time I should see some better content from you.

  2. You dont have to curse:( :(..its cooler not to..

  3. i love your vidoes !!!!!!!!

  4. where are you now uploaded video

  5. Please make a video about how to start selling using this method. We know how to research finding a supplier, but how do you add the inventory to your website? I'm looking for a simple method similar to what oberlo would do, if you know of any apps that help to do this? That would be great.

  6. i live in france , france is too small bro :(((

  7. Great content! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  8. Can't wait for the blueprint to be re released!

  9. Great stuff. Again, your sincerity comes through loud and clear; and, is very refreshing.

  10. Omid I love your background music. What artist are playing?

  11. OMG! I missed you, Omid! Been a month w/o you and I feel lost. Do you have your own course? I've decided to make you my life time mentor but idk where I can buy it.

  12. Hell ya Omid, been waiting for you to come back. Good shit on this new video.

  13. Amazing content bro. Could you please write an ebook / mind map explaining the blueprint of affiliate marketing.
    Thank you.

  14. Great to have you back Omid: When The Course for Affiliate Marketing will be available?

  15. Hi Omid, where have you been is great to have you back

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