Shopify Free Plus Shipping – How To Set Up Shipping Weight Classes

Shopify Free Plus Shipping – How To Set Up Shipping Weight Classes


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In this video we go over an easy way to set up your shipping rates using the shopify free plus shipping method. Using this technique will keep you from losing money if people order multiple free items. You will actually make more the more free items they order.


  1. Thank you so much for this video, it was perfect for me. Gulin x

  2. You are amazing man! Keep up the good work! It's workin 100%, just follow the steps!

  3. is there a specific amount we need to ask for shipping. Do we as a business have to pay for shipping from oberlo or aliexpress

  4. What about if someone orders a normal item from your shop thats set up for normal shipping to bypass the free plus shipping, if you get what im saying.

  5. So I found it best to limit the free plus shipping items to 3 so you I don't have to answer for "what if they buy 100 free plus shipping items" As long as you only build 3 options they will get an error that says there is no shipping option if they try to buy 4 or more…. and the price based option has to be deleted for this to work. Just thought I would share with your audience. Thanks for the video.

  6. Wow, where were you all this time I balled out my eyes looking for the one tiny thing your tutorial has and the others don't. The deleting of the price rate base shipping. Other tuts don't say that,so it doesn't work for many watchers.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  7. This was simple! Easy to watch! Thank you so much for not adding any fluff.

  8. Of course you did the math wrong. it's 19.9 stupid americano

  9. when checking the product out i get "there's no shipping method for this product…." idk what i did wrong.

  10. Excellent! Just what I was looking for!Thanks!

  11. i have a serious question, if you can help me id be grateful, and my question is the shipping zones i see for free plus shipping is always for the states which is domestic, so i do drop shipping from canada and if someone in canada for to gett a free item and pay for shipping would the shipping zone for the states apply to them or is this just for the states and that i gotta create the same rates for my country ? thanks

  12. Lets say you have listed up to 5 items under your weight based shipping rates. What happens if they order 6, 10 or 50 items? will they still be charged the same rate as if they ordered 5? Also, when i add my weight based rates, the price based rates still show up at checkout for the customer to choose..

  13. its 19.90 not 18.90 for 2

  14. What happens if they order 1000 of them and you only have it set to .5 min for say 5 units?

  15. this will only work if you enter every occurrence 1.1,… etc. or if you don't charge retail shipping.

  16. You would be limited to 9 free plus shipping items?

  17. I followed everything step by step in the video and it says ''There are no shipping methods available for your cart or destination.'' Any solutions? Trying to launch my store this week and F+S will be a key aspect! Thanks in advance

  18. I want free shipping for all of my products and paid shipping for free+s. Should i click the box at the bottom of the product on all my products (apart from F+S) that enables free shipping, or should i just set the shipping charge to $0.00? Thanks!

  19. why the heck i have the option only to set KG'S at weight rates? i can not make this work

  20. Hi , great video, might be a silly question but do you have to set up arrangements with a shipping company separately to actually come and pick up your parcels? Or does shopify provide shipping from start to finish (delivery to end consumer) ….? I'm confused

  21. bro it is not working for me.
    ive set free plus to 0.10 but everytime i add it to cart it uses another option at 18.75 etc
    what am i doing wrong

  22. 9.95 *2 = 18.90 huh? lmao dude you drunk you just ad + 9 dollars for every extra item and have it at .95

  23. can you please example from start to finish? I have product pick, I get conflicting help from shopify that I'm doing something wrong and they want me to buy an app, sorry, it has been months now with not a single sale. Thank you for any help sir

  24. Quick question. Does the free plus shipping with weights work without having the Advanced Shopify($299) and Better Shipping App. The reason I ask is when I set everything up I was being defaulted to the ship by price option. I looked there is no toggle to switch to carrier shipping without paying for the Advanced Shopify price point. Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.

  25. I followed exactly and got this error:
    There are no shipping methods available for your cart or destination.

  26. What if the weight goes over 1LB for free item?

  27. Can you really add any value to the shipping weight to give the product the vaule of free + shipping? For example, pick a product and you can input 101lbs. to indicate that item for free + shipping, then when you are done with that item just change the shipping weight back to normal.

  28. thank you for short informative video

  29. thank you for short informative video

  30. Can you send me the link to this store? I'd love a new BMW for $9.95 out the door!

  31. Great tip, why no one comment on the sense of humor… Free BMW, just pay shipping

  32. What if i have regular priced items in the store?


  34. Hey , Im running PPE ad and i get a lot of engagement but almost no visitors to my shop and no sales. Is that normal?

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