Shopify – Free Plus Shipping Product That Made $125,000 in a Month

Shopify – Free Plus Shipping Product That Made $125,000 in a Month


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In this video i share with you one of the products that i did with Free plus shipping method that brought in great revenue in my online shopify business.

If you gonna apply the strategy
Be sure to watch my last week video on the method to use
That way you will have full clarity on how to do it…
I hope this help you…

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Video Skips:
0:16 Shopify – Free Plus Shipping product That made Over $125,000
0:45 Shout to Student for crushing Shopify
2:00 Process on How To Make 125K last week video
3:00 Ring Product
4:04 Formula To Acquire Customer
5:00 Funnel up the Product
6:10 Creation vs Consumption
7:06 Live Event For Learning
8:04 The Mindset For Success
9:10 Intake to Outake
9:40 Implementation
10:03 Key To Success
11:00 The Process of Success
12:11 Get with us Live

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This video is about Shopify – Free Plus Shipping Product That Made $125,000 in a Month


  1. No practical information, more like sermon and g_d talk

  2. Thank you for this, I needed it after feeling like I hit rock bottom.

  3. Damn Preach brother you telling it right!

  4. YO> thanks as always for dropping the Valuable Content. *QUESTION: have you ever run into "licensing" issues with products such as you show here that made you the $$$ if so how did you handle it? SUPER HELPFUL to understand the parameters / boundaries if this type of product. >> Cheers S.

  5. This is very helpful my guy, thank you. *fistbump* 👊

  6. Hi Keder great video. Does the free plus shipping still work now in 2018. I would like more information on getting started with this. Can you send me more information.

  7. I think he's contacting us from heaven. Great stuff as always!

  8. awesome video mate. needed that extra motivation ❤

  9. Send me the link to the training please.

  10. Hi,when I press confirm/publish on Facebook buisness manager it says error the page you want to target and the identity is not put in.Can you please help me what should I do.

  11. How do you upsell with your free + shipping offer ? is it an app or you link them to a funnel instead of your store ? also isn't there copyrights for stuff like flash or batman ?

  12. im new to your videos and i love your encouragement and words of wisdom. You're awesome! thanks!

  13. Amazing value bro i think i learned more from this video than all videos together about shopify in last 3 months!

  14. Hey Man please take me under your wings.

  15. why do all these guys offer training videos/courses so aggressively (not talking about this guy just in general) for $49 for example if they are making $100k a month.. begs to wonder

  16. Doesn’t that attract copyright issue ?

  17. Hey Keder thanks for the info very helpful 👍🏾. I need a mentor for guidance how can i join your program

  18. Hey can you send me your website I love to check it out please

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