Shopify | General Store or Niche Store – Which One Works Best

Shopify | General Store or Niche Store – Which One Works Best


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A question that i get almost every day on all my videos but mostly from people who are new to shopify ecommerce is “Keder should i create a niche store or general store”

I personally believe they both have cons and pros
but if you are a beginner just getting started
you best off with a general store by not setting the limits
of yourself.

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Video Skips:
0:30 Video description… shopify general or niche stores
1:14 General Store or Flex Store on shopify
1:17 Niche Store example
2:35 Reason Why General Store is powerful
4:00 Testing On your general store
5:20 Niche Store Breakdown
6:20 Limiting Your expansion with niche store
6:30 Shopify ads Scaling tip
6:30 Conversion Tips
7:30 Scaling shopify product winner
8:30 Customer Acquisition
9:00 Segmenting Your List
9:30 Getting Your Data for Optimization
10:00 Conclusion

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  2. thanks im just starting out hope soon i can buy my mum a disability car thank you take care

  3. When you're scaling a product how long can you scale that product for when its not making sales you pick another product right>

  4. Hey what about having 1 general store, with multiple niches/collections inside of it?? So when something becomes trending, you can add a collection of that product to your store, then market that niche to your collection in your general store??

  5. can u have two stores on the same account?

  6. Hey Keder whaat's goooin oooon !? 👍😃

  7. Please Kill the music!!!!

  8. heeeeeyyy myy frrrriiiiennddd whhhaaattss goooinnggg onnnnn. pAAWWwwwww

  9. Shopify possible in Africa? PAYPAL not available an alternative?

  10. How do you optimise the FB pixel for a general store so you can target a look a like audience?

  11. How do you feel about tarnishing your pixel with too many niches? Does it matter if we are choosing more than one niche? Does targeting multiple niches mess up the algorithm when optimizing to conversions?

  12. How do you know when the product is a winner out of few that you are testing ? By clicks ? Views? Sale? How do you know when to scale

  13. i Will Create a General Store and add a Phone case Collection at the start Is This Good ?

  14. ditich the music… get a better mic

  15. What if I make a general store at first, set the logo and brand, go out there and test, then see which products are winners and build a niche store for one winner, lets say a watch. So I have to open a new niche store. So new logo and new brand? Is that how it supposed to be?

  16. Hey, Keder! Please do not add music to your videos. You are making it hard to hear what you are saying, man.

  17. Hey please check out my store . Please. Give me your rating

  18. This man PREACH BROTHER!

  19. What if you have an existing business already and created a niche store to go with that? Do you think I should start a general store?

  20. I wish i could give you a thousand likes at the same time. Thank you so much. I am Victor from Nigeria and wants to start up with shopify. You videos has given me a huge knowledge. I have these few questions. Should i create my store to have my local currency as my default currency knowing fully that i want to sell to the whole world? I am really concerned about the payment options to use…..pls do check out shopify as it relates to nigeria and help me.

  21. Hey Keder,
    I'm new to e-commerce but wouldn't a general store mess up the facebook pixel data? Let me know how to approach this; pixel data with a general store. Thanks!

  22. thanks Keder for this video its so informative. there are few things I want to get  clarification on. please  reach out to me with this  email .. looking forward to your response.

  23. Do you have any paid shopify course ?

  24. But how are you marketing?

  25. I like your enthusiasm and how helpful you are, but I am a wordpress WooCommerce chica. However, the same principles still apply. Smiles.

  26. i have been looking for a right answer for my question but i never got the right answer !!! my question is ==> if I'm selling something on my Facebook page ,do i have to have that item right next to me to sell it ?or do i have to buy it by my money first than sell it ? like to i have to spend any money to sell things on Facebook page ? if yes how ?like for example i go to amazon and see a good item to sell in FB and than whats next step? buy it first than when i receive it at my house put it on sell on FB ? plz explain it for me .thank you so much

  27. could i run a shopify from another country

  28. Hey bro I have a 450k sub fan base and I have a great idea for a shopift niche for my theme and I feel like it's a huge hit, wanna help out since i just started on shoplift and don't really know how to work it but i will pay you if you're interested !! Help me out

  29. If I have a pretty cool niche can I do both and just set up 2 stores?

  30. I wish I saw this video a month ago! Smh

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