Shopify Google Shopping Ads Tutorial 2019 | Aliexpress Dropshipping Guide (FULL Setup)

Shopify Google Shopping Ads Tutorial 2019 | Aliexpress Dropshipping Guide (FULL Setup)


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The complete beginner’s guide to Google Shopping Ads for dropshipping in 2019!

Google shopping ads for Shopify Dropshipping stores can be an absolute gold mine if used correctly. In this video, I go over the exact steps you need to take as a beginner to properly set up your first google adwords shopping campaign. This tutorial begins with the basics, which is your merchant center account and google shopping feed/app and progresses from there. The conversion tracking code is available to download at:

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  1. What is your BIGGEST goal
    right now that you are struggling
    to accomplish when it comes to business or dropshipping?

    Comment below and let me know.
    I might feature the solution in
    a future video.

  2. Dan on Demand – I saw that 🙂 Dan Lok says the TY Page is the most important page in the internet 😉 You following some good people!

  3. Wow, could this be any more complicated? Lost me at the “ lots of information is available, let’s move on”
    Well need step by step. I don’t care how long the video.
    Please include every cost along the way and total cost. Thank you.

  4. hey you miss one very very very important step: the shipping rates, thats super important!

  5. Shri, did you provide a brand in your column feed? When I provided my own brand name, Google also required me to enter the gtin and mpn, which I don't have. How did you solve this issue?

  6. dope video! I learned a lot! and subbed!

  7. in choosing in google merchant " where your business located?" do you put USA? im dropshipping
    I put US and there was an error uploading the products says no TAX input? any idea how to fix this

  8. Great video, I just want to know if I need by UPC code for my product filed:Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN, etc.), thanks!

  9. is it possible to make general store on shopify for google shopping ads ?

  10. What if we already added the conversion tracking code from analytics into our store? I think we have to do something completely different right? I dont think we add all of this code like this?? please help us.. Thanks.

  11. Just started shopify store and scheduled a Instagram shout out, then got an email this morning saying my website was suspended by Google merchant center. Dont even know what that means, I dont remember signing up for a Google merch acc. Lol
    Will my store still work if Instagram people go to it?

  12. Hi! Thanks for this great video. I have a question, can you make a video to show us how to add our product correctly in Google Merchant Center?
    It's very difficult for me, and a lot of my products are rejected by Google Merchant center.

    Thank you !

  13. Hi Shri Kanase,

    Thanks for the wonderful video. I found it very helpful.

    Apart from this, how do I set tags/keywords in Shopify, for Google shopping campaign? Do you have a video on that? Please let me know.


  14. Hey man, great value you are putting out here. Am having trouble getting that $100 coupon code, Google says they can't send me the coupon code coz I may have previously used the email address for this promotion, or that I visited a website that doesn't match my country's IP address. Yet I have just signed up for the email, brand new, and I don't understand what the second one means coz I just use my regular WIFI for the internet. Have you heard anyone else experiencing this?

  15. How can I preview my ads? I have created shopping campaign and I don't know what to do

  16. What if the store products dont show up in the Products group Page?
    help pleaseeeeeeeeee

  17. Hello mate why does my products not appear on my campaign in order for me to select which ones to advice, it comes up with this message:

  18. How long you usually have to wait to see the first results asuming you did right all you mentioned here? I have seen cases on FB Ads in which people started to get a profit (250-150) between 17 to 24 hours

  19. I'm beginner. Can I advertice my products without tax information?

  20. Hi thanks, does this conversion code also work on Woocommerce?

  21. What about getting products approved in merchant feed. If I am simply dropshipping, I can’t get skus, glid etc. How do I get product approved if I don’t have that?

  22. Just replace these two lines from your original code from adwords :

    'value': {{ total_price | money_without_currency | remove:','}},

    'transaction_id': '{{ order.order_number}}'

  23. 👉👉 Great Work Shri Please tell us how to set up google shopping that can promote different countries for one Shopify store. THANK YOU

  24. What do you think about smart campaign?

  25. hi shri,this video is unque,please make part 2 and explain how you can scale

  26. Jooo Shri!! I actually never wride any mails to People like you or something else at all…. but after i discovert Drobshipping (1 Month ago) I was really like a sponge and had such an information input and sucked every thing inside me nohomo. This message is a bit longer but i hope you read it for me <3.

    My Name is Noel Siebert and i live in Germany. Iam 20 y old and i always had big dreams. So 3 years ago i lost everythink i had and even money from my family into a stupid snowball system. But that was the best think in my life! I new if i can loose money that fast i can earn it even faster! I started to overthink my hole life. I even createt an dream board (Pictures with all my dreams on it). I started reading the good shit. And learned everythink about success till now. I chaned my life i have a book were i wride down my daygoals in the morning and on the evening i wride down what i learned etc.

    Why am i wriding this to you?

    You had a big input in my drobshipping business. And i go all into Drobshipping! I was thinking if i start making money if it is possible to get closer friends!? Because i think your a cool dude and i think im a cool dude so that fitts.

    Haha i know thats weird but i need to get around people who succed already! So how we can learn from eatch other? You as a teacher and me as a student. What do you say? Would you go for it if the time is right?

    Thank you for everythink and keep going my man!!

    Ps: feel free to contact me 😉

    Noel Siebert

  27. Finding out the best platform to advertise on for the best returns and highest conversions with clothing, Instagram? Facebook, Google, Youtube? Ideally I want to make the most amount of money without having more than 300 dollars to invest in ads. Facebook and Google are probably the quickest advertisements to make I believe but i've also seen someone make about 1 million dollars in 10 months almost entirely from Instagram by "Shout Outs" and "Influencers". But again there's people making that much in a month or two as well, I wonder how much experience and research it takes to hit those spots.

    Thanks for the videos, you actually show us how to do it and give us the information instead of click baiting and talking for 15 minutes without even giving us any information.

  28. Brother please make a detailed video of google shopping scaling and product research

  29. I’m just starting off. I’m trying to figure out if I should use Facebook ads, Google Ads or both.

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