Shopify: How To Replace Add to Cart Button with Email Link

Shopify: How To Replace Add to Cart Button with Email Link


Firstly, apologize for the loud music,I have already made a remake of this video and here is the link

In this video, we will learn about how to replace an add to cart button with contact us or email link,remove price,remove quantity.
Customers can mail you asking for a quote instead.
Keep products not for sale.

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  1. bro, stop that background music. its so disturbing

  2. y u added background music getting irritation

  3. My Product. Liquied can't open This Type it is open
    only 8 Line so what to do plz tell me

  4. bro the video is very good but the freaking music is ruining it we dont hear you enough

  5. this did not work for me, ive paused using split screen to follow step by step and nothing, do you have an updated version?

  6. Great video. Much better than another method I saw. Thank you!


  8. shut the fucking music if youre doing a tutorial wtf.

  9. I can't find buttton addtocart…

  10. Hello! I've made all the changes needed in the template, many thanks for the help. I have a little issue thought – when I get to the last bit where i need to change the template suffix on a product I am not able to do so as the menu 'Theme templates' is not the at all?! Any ideas why or what should I do? Any help will be very appreciated.

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