Shopify – Hurrify App

Shopify – Hurrify App



Increasing your conversion rate is important.

Hurrify is a great little app that creates a sense of urgency and scarcity and improves your conversion ratio.

What do you think?


  1. Hi Matt. I wanted to discuss a business proposal with you. What's the best way I can get in touch? Thanks

  2. Matt first off god bless you and thank you for putting out this info and opening my eyes to all this. I been following you for a while and my question is do you suggest I use KIT for marketing help, do you personally use it? Once again god bless.

  3. Is this app working on mobile devices?

  4. Just discovered your channel and I am so grateful for your videos, you are the best. Subscribed

  5. how do i get that safe checkout seal matt? think that might be 1 of the reasons I'm not getting any sales whatsoever. I need that!

  6. I saw Walmart doing the scarcity thing today on some bigger items at their physical store.

  7. great video matt going to test on one of my stores and see how it goes bit cheesy but if it works it works 🤗

  8. Hey mate! I know it's off subject but what's your honest opinion on Dan Dasilva is he for real or a con man?

  9. Matt another great useful video, nice one mate. Thanks

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