Shopify Marketing Tips — How To Use Snapchat And Instagram To Sell Products | #296

Shopify Marketing Tips — How To Use Snapchat And Instagram To Sell Products | #296


In today’s episode I share some Shopify marketing tips and explain how to use Snapchat and Instagram to sell physical products.


  1. Good honest tips thanks! Our business is a handmade gift one and we find it really difficult to use the social networks! Anyway our Snapchat is MadeAt94 ….it would be great to get a few friends out there 🙂

  2. And you don't have your Instagram and SnapChat links in this video description? ;-}

  3. Till where do stand with Snapchat vs IG? Curious as to your thoughts on strengths vs weaknesses of both, and which types of brands are best suited for each.

  4. Hey till, what's your Snapchat, can I add you??

  5. Till, I tried to buy your course but its saying my discover card is not supported? PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A BUG!!!

  6. Hello Till. Was wondering once a shopify store is set up with my niche product with advertisement etc running, would you recommend adding more items on the store even though its a different niche? Or would you add more products on the store with the same niche? THank you!

  7. Hi till is there a way to get influencers in The United Kingdom only in instagram
    Because if I target an influencer and he is in the United States all his or her followers will be in the United States and that would be a problem considering I want to sell in the United Kingdom

  8. I have a question, How do I find Pinterest influencers just like Instagram influencers?

  9. Did you mean affiliate marketing with free instagram shoutouts or you mean that its completely free?

  10. Agreed! I am doing instagram ads at this point and they are working wonderfully well. takes a bit of testing of course but once you get the hang of it or find the right influencer, it's almost guaranteed a win.

    And potentially even getting a feature in a GQ magazine which is true in my case 🙂

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