Shopify Product Options App by Bold

Shopify Product Options App by Bold


Get the #1 loved Product Options app on Shopify, here 👉👉 – Add unlimited, and any type of, options you want to products! File uploads, color swatches, text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, you name it! Options can change the price, or can be products too! (For example: Add the matching hat?)

With conditional logic, you can choose to show or hide options based on what customers select, only showing whats needed and not overwhelming them!

There are so many other features like the ability to edit the options in the cart, full design control, tooltips and validation, and much more!

If you need to do product customization or sophisticated options on Shopify, this is the app!

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  1. What option should i choose to get the "option" picture into the options form?

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