Shopify Product Research: 10 Unique Products to Sell

Shopify Product Research: 10 Unique Products to Sell


Take your Shopify product research game to the next level with this video from Oberlo!

If you’re looking to start your own ecommerce store, we’ve got some good news for you – there are so many great products that you can sell online.

But, if there are a lot of choices, it can be a very difficult task to choose the best products for your business.

Here’s our criteria for finding a great dropshipping product to sell while you conduct your Shopify product research:

Hard to find elsewhere online
Hard to guess the price
Interesting and entices the buyer to click
Bought without much research
Not too expensive

In this video we’ll cover our criteria in depth, and provide you with 10 great examples of dropshipping products that’ll catapult your store to success.

You can also read more about these products here:

Oh! And we mentioned a blog post about shopping holidays around the world. You can check that out here:

Happy dropshipping!

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  1. She must own a moon lamp manufacturing company..hahahahahaha..that isn't doing to well…

  2. Enjoyed the video, lots of tips, thanks. Question for you: you mentioned a lot of products in this video, but what is the best approach to putting them on a shopify store? I mean they are very different categories. Can I put them all in one site? and how do I advertise for the site if it contains so many different types of products (like Choker Necklace, and Moon Lamps…etc) I mean what would the common theme of all of those different types of products? thanks

  3. Great Products to try jessica …Thanks …

  4. thanks it's very interesting

  5. Unfortunately, last time when I tried to sell one of recommended products, there were ( for sure) other people who went ed to sell or already selling the 'roduct . I so'd only 1 product since then, even though I have not only an online store , but Amazon store also. I appreciate your general advice , like try to find a unique product, but it is not a unique anymore if a few thousands people watch this video. This is the hardest part , – to find a product that NOBODY ( yet) sell and start selling it to the right audience before other merchants find it too.

  6. Actually, not a bad list! It's a matter of targeting the right people with a variant of the product in the list.

  7. hello! excellent video!! I have a question regarding niche theme, can a good niche be "trendy" products? including fashion, pets, gadgets and home

  8. This comment may seem different but I've seen the suggestions are useful! Thanks Oberlo!

  9. Hi Jesica…I like your videos .Do you offer course in Dropshipping.?..Do I really need a structured course for Dropshipping and do you offer mentoring?

  10. What kind of ad would you run for the dog water bottles?

  11. Besides those products have loads of suppliers!!

  12. Im new to this and planning to open a store , am thankful for your great information what products one can sell .

  13. So far my experience with Oberlo has been just okay but not great. I find too many problems with it. A lot of product descriptions are missing details or are inconsistent with the photos. Spelling and grammar is atrocious. I understand they are written by Asians but Oberlo would do well to have better quality control over products they list for drop shipping. Some of the product photos don't always load up into Shopify. Details on products are very lacking, especially compared to AliExpress and DHGate. And I'm finding the number of products available to be dismal. Oberlo does have some great products, but too many gaps in what's available such as women's dress shoes.

  14. Hey I need help. I get maybe 26 visitors a day, but no one's is buying anything. Can you check my site out and maybe give me a little bit of insight?

  15. I would recommend this AliExpress plugin ( ) to anyone who wants to set up their own dropshipping store.

  16. there many american when they give an explanatin of any online bussness they tak to much than explanations

  17. Very interesting I intend to come back and review the book list

  18. Hi, I want to know after adding product on my web using Oberlo, if custmer placing an order do oberlo or shopify delever that product to customer or do i need to place order for cst from other e-commerce website

  19. this really an useless video. market size of these products is very very low. u will end up with no sales.

  20. By the way your necklace is also looking good.

  21. I'm noticing quite a bit that products on aliexpress are on amazon for the same price! That means the wholesalers on Aliexpress are on Amazon cutting us out! If that is the case, then droppshipping is dead and so is Aliexpress as a source.

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