Shopify Professional Vs. Un-Professional store – Boost Conversions.

Shopify Professional Vs. Un-Professional store – Boost Conversions.


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Having a professional website is among the most important factors of becoming successful on shopify. No one is going to buy from a website they do not trust! Make sure you guys follow my tips and subscribe for more tips.

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  1. Tsk, lazy people gonna be lazy…

  2. Awesome content! Super helpful to actually see reviews of shopify sites to understand the do’s and dont’s.

  3. very informative like always! Fix that Hair bro.

  4. How can I set up related products?

  5. Holla Sebastian, would love to learn on how to create a professional shopify store 😁🙏🏻 I’m just started and I wanna start my store well from the start.

  6. bro this is amazing thx for this fr Sebastian this is dope

  7. Can someone let me know what I should do to make my site look more professional. Thanks!

  8. You are the best …I'm planning to move to Shopify after watching your videos… I see u as my mentor😇

  9. What app would you recommend to remove logos from pictures? Also, is there a faster way or trick to finding quality photos to feature on our website online?

  10. Thank you for sharing, Sebastian- excellent job!

  11. Man thank you so much for all the value you provide. You seem a cool dude too!! thank you

  12. Aye sebastian, awesome tips bro. Is my shopify store up-to-par professional wise? The link is:

  13. Great content. I am new to shopify. I think it would be great if you make a video on the ultimate beginners guide to shopify. For example, how much money you need to get started and must haves when starting. Keep it up.

  14. That store must be the worst I've seen yet. I wonder if someone sent it to you just as a joke..

  15. Do you know if you can have your supplier put in your brand while drop shipping? Or is that limited to buying wholesale

  16. Hi there, awesome vids! AND please keep up the good work. So many people out there with hidden agendas.

    I'd like to ask a question, busy with my own store as I type this. Would you perhaps be able to make a video on :

    How to price items, shipping FREE vs. PAID, start your store with 1 Promotional product or many items. etc.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. hey man! I just followed you on insta and commented. It'd be cool if you followed back. I mean its a brand new acc and if u dont have to obviously haha but yeah enjoying the videos so far bro!

  18. hey bro , can i talk to you on instagram

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