Shopify Review for 2017: Is Shopify Worth It? Honest Pros & Cons

Shopify Review for 2017: Is Shopify Worth It? Honest Pros & Cons


This honest Shopify Review for 2017 will take you through the honest pros and cons.
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Our Shopify Review PRO: Shopify is extremely easy and simple for beginners to use

Shopify is very beginner friendly. Our video tutorial where we gave you step-by-step instructions on how to create a Shopify store is less than 40 minutes long… let’s compare that then to our video tutorial on how to create a Woocommerce store, which is 69 minutes long.

Plus, the store we created in the Shopify review includes more features than the Woocommerce store does – and it looks a lot nicer too.

The reason it is so easy to use is because it is not only designer for beginners, but it’s designed to ONLY build stores, resulting in a simplified menu/navigation system. It means it has less features, but that is a good thing for beginners, because it lets you know how to focus your time and energy.

Our Shopify Review CON: Shopify uses it’s own confusing jargon

While Shopify is usually very easy to navigate/use, sometimes it is made tricker because it chooses to use it’s own jargon. For example, instead of calling it your website “menu” it is called your website “navigation.”

Our Shopify Review PRO: Shopify has 24/7 support

Shopify have incredible support. They offer free email, phone and livechat support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unfortunately the phone support only includes USA/UK numbers, but they are free-phone numbers. Using Skype you can call 1-800 numbers for free, so anyone from any country can access free phone support.

Shopify Review PRO: The store designs are beautiful and high-converting

The storefront themes/designs for Shopify are very beautiful and are very easy to customize. They are easy to customize because Shopify have removed deep customization options, streamlining their interface and making it very difficult to NOT create a high-converting, professional-looking store. It is a good platform for people who do not have experience with web design.

Shopify Review CON: Shopify has it’s own coding language called Liquid

If you want to modify your store beyond the options the theme offers, you will need to modify the coding of the site. Unfortunately you can’t just use a standard language like HTML or CSS – you will need to learn Shopify’s own template coding language called Liquid.

Because this coding language is only used by Shopify, it is very specialized and hiring a Liquid developer will be more expensive.

Shopify Review PRO: Shopify has lots of great apps

The app store for Shopify is comprehensive and has lots of options. One Shopify app if you are looking to dropship from Aliexpress is Oberlo, as this semi-automates the process for you.

Shopify Review PRO: Shopify automates your store for you

When setting up a store for the thing time, there are a lot of little things (like confirmation emails and payment gateways) that you might not think about having to set up/create. Shopify will automatically create these sorts of things for you so that you can focus on adding in products/modifying the design. You can then come back later and customize these base templates/options.

Shopify Review PRO/CON: The Shopify Monthly Pricing

Compared to it’s closest competitors (SquareSpace, Volusion & LemonadeStand), Shopify’s pricing is very competitive. Most people will only need the $29/month plan as it includes unlimited inventory and 24/7 support.

If you think you’ll immediately start receiving a lot of payments/transactions through a gateway other than Shopify Payments, then you should switch to the Shopify plan ($79/month) as this has lower transaction fees and you’ll save money. If you’re using Shopify Payments, the Shopify credit card transaction fee is waived.

While Shopify abandoned recover is only included in the more expensive plans, it is still not worth it to upgrade to Shopify’s $79/month plan for this feature only as there are free apps from the app store that will add this feature for you.

The conclusion to this Shopify review is that it is recommended and is worth it, as long as…

1. You are looking for a platform to build an online store with and this is your primary purpose for the website.

2. You will not need any complex customization – and the fact that it uses Liquid and has less options is worth it for you in-exchange for a simplified menu system which is beginner-friendly.

3. Spending $29/month is within your budget.

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  1. Gday

    Is it possible to drop ship from aliexpress
    for free without renting or once of paying for a 3rd party plugin
    using Woo Commerce

    – Woodropship is once off USD$99 ….
    – Ezusy is USD$9-30 per month –

    Do you know if you can use woodropship with mulitple websites or you need to keep rebuying it ?

    I was looking into
    * Business Name & ABN
    * Business tax file number* Business bank account* Business VOIP SIP phone number* Business email account* Business PO BOX* Business social media accounts* Business eWay – AU (and overseas) payment processing merchant

    * Registering a domain name* Getting an SSL cert* Hosting the website and ecart software on an Linux VPS server (Digital Ocean)and if possible avoid needing a paypal business account or stripe
    (both paypal and stripe support censorship and
     deplatforming people on non left political viewpoint)


  2. Is it possible to create a store and make run within the first two weeks, and if I do would i make enough money to pay monthly plan?? I am not working and haven't finished high school yet so it would be difficult to pay if I don't succeed. Any advice??

  3. i wonder why "69" minutes ? LOL

  4. In the world of web site building, navigation is very standard. Menu is the lamons term. Its not dumb, just developer speak.

  5. Shopify is fantastic! It's getting better all the time and even the pros are getting behind it now. I specialise in SEO (specifically on the Shopify platform) and have no problem out-ranking WordPress sites.

  6. Very informative. Thanks a lot.

  7. Yash . its over! Haha shopify and amazon . somebulsh**t
    30dollar a month? Amazon 35 dllar amonth? No way. Even u make a outstanding page or beautiful shopify set up .it will be the same. No one can notice your shopify accnt unless you tell your wife you got account. . .

    This girl work for shopify.
    I want to find people who actually honest and no bias .that can teach me what is the good online busines.

    So tired of people sell book. Webinar and sht. Hahaha

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  14. I'm in the process of creating my Shopify store, but lately I've been reading of "Shopify guru scams" and people are saying that gurus make money selling courses that teach something that "used to work" and now I'm getting discouraged. I want to hear from other people if they are making money(without trying to sell me something).

  15. If I setup a shopify account and want to pull my logos off and do the wholesaling/work myself later on… By using Shopify do they own rights to my designs?

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  19. I was going to ask if you can remove paypal as a customer payment option since they suck and will hold your money hostage. And I'm please to report that you can remove them under the "Payment Providers" settings.

  20. "Stip by stip" xD I absolutely adore your accent! <3
    Thank you for this making this highly informative video! You're brilliant.
    Edit: Although I'm not sure why you find the term 'Navigation' such a worry, though? Site navigation/web navigation is normal, no? Still. And the way you say 'store'. "Stouwer." :'3 Adorable. Haha

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  23. Hi, thank you for the video. You mentioned that shopify is a good platform for beginners. What platform would you recommend for a shop that is already making decent revenue and needs a platform that easily allows for scaling?
    I'm not currently using Shopify but I've been considering it. However, I feel that the company's target market is like you said.. Beginner shops which is excellent, but I'm not sure that it's the right platform for an existing shop that's growing beyond the beginner stage.
    What platform would recommend for a shop that's trying to scale? I've been looking at BigCommerce which has more built in features.
    Your advice is greatly appreciated!

  24. Menu- has always always always been the navigation of a site- it is the language used by programmers. So, sometimes the issue with any pro site is too many decisions are left to the programmers not designers and a content manager.

  25. Thank you for the video
    I have one question please…
    I will start selling digital forms and templates, so can you please advise what is the best platform for that.
    Thank you.

  26. Any advice on marketing. Not getting sale so far.

  27. "Honest" Sponsored Shopify review u mean?

  28. Happy new year.
    I created my shopify store over the last couple of days. and it was easier then the video showed I used to select product, and I didn't have to create sub menus, it did it automatically, when I mouse over the image it magnifies, and it added a size chart, I did nothing. I did have a challenge with my contact us page, but clued into the navigation link and sorted that out. I'll be doing some SEO work on it next. Thank you for your videos.

  29. does shopify let you change store name once its up and running? I have 4-5 niche in my mind and want to test them until i find the right one for me. that would mean probably changing store name if it doesn't work the first time.

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