Shopify Store Tips — How To Add Trust Factors To Your Shopify Store | #258

Shopify Store Tips — How To Add Trust Factors To Your Shopify Store | #258


In today’s episode I share some Shopify store tips and show you how to increase the trust on your Shopify store with a few simple tricks.


  1. tried buying an iphone case from . it took 2 weeks for the item to arrive which was decent and order another 1 again it took 10 days. i think delivery is not that exact but its alright

  2. I just started a store and would really love some feed back

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  4. Thank you for this! Implementing them right now! I lost a potential sale because the customer said my store don't seem legit. And that's probably why I missed out on a couple more sales to they basically stopped responding as soon as I dropped the link. Now I know the root problem. I'm glad that one customer told me.

  5. can someone please rate my shop.
    i need help
    still havent got a domain..

  6. hi,great video . But i dont resolve my problem at all.
    I dont know how to put Trust Factors on my Footer Menu (visa-paypall)

  7. How do set a review section ?

  8. Which recent sales pop up app do you recommend specifically?

  9. Hi Till,
    I been watching your videos for a while now and I am thinking of giving dropshipping a go. The main thing putting me off is that I don't understand how to have several items from different suppliers in the same shop. How to still appear professional while delivering items from different places at different times? Thanks for your answer in advance.

  10. Can u tell your shopify store name,so i will check it.

  11. How do you handle the upcoming Chinese New Year, where most Chinese workers take a 10 day vacation?

  12. I want to ask what to do if epacket is available for USA but not for Australia or Canada at same product? I want to advertise in these countries aswell, but if someone orders he would wait for sometimes even like 40 days, and there is usually no tracking provided with china post

  13. Till what site should I copy privacy Policy and terms and conditions for because I have no idea where I would need to say for that

  14. great advice Till thanks

  15. Why don't you share your store link ? We are very interested to see what your shopify stores look like. thank you

  16. PayPal and Stripe do not work in my country and I can't recieve payments. So what payment gateway should I use and how it will affect my conversions. I specifically want to target USA.

  17. Hey Till, do you run Facebook dynamic ads for retargeting?

  18. Another tip for adding a trust factor to your store is to install a security app like Norton or McAfee Pro which has widgets that let your customers know their information being shielded within your store, also add the 'Google Verified Store' app which displays a pop-out widget that says "Google Verified Store".

  19. I Want To Sell Every Kind Of Product In My Store. So Should I Start A General Store Or I Should Build Different Stores For Different Niches?

  20. I was reviewing this area yesterday. Great timing!

  21. I should add s shipping cost aswell. maybe my domain name isn't clear enough hsha

  22. hmmm an about us. I need to add one of them.

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