Shopify Theme Updater by Out of the Sandbox

Shopify Theme Updater by Out of the Sandbox


Out of the Sandbox is the first and only Shopify theme provider to offer an app that lets you carry over Theme Setting configurations automatically. And now, with the Pro Plan changes you’ve made directly to your theme files are automatically applied to the new version, preserving your customizations. This means that you can easily stay up to date and make sure you always have the latest and greatest version of your theme running in your shop.

Theme upgrades are always FREE — and so is the app!


  1. So I was manually transferring over code and one of the files / templates said "New Schema is incompatible with current setting Value. Setting Grid must be a string. Setting rows must be a string." So what about when that happens? Is there a way I can learn how to correct things like this too? Or is that was it was saying in this video. It changes that as well? Thanks!

  2. This sounds / looks Awesome!! I am definitely in need of this. I have website that was customized over a year ago and a lot of updates versions have been done to the theme and it's showing 1 or 2 glitches. I Figured I should update it. This sounds like it makes it sooooo simple!!

  3. Hi! I need support with my turbo theme, who can i contact?

  4. This works beautifully – our Shopify partner site has a number of code modifications and it has updated each time without a hitch!

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