Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | Make over $100,000+ And Own Your Freedom | Money Monkey

Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | Make over $100,000+ And Own Your Freedom | Money Monkey


Title:-Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | Make over $100,000+ And Own Your Freedom | Money Monkey

Create a shopify store today by following this complete step by step shopify tutorial for beginners for 2019.

Ever wanted to create your own online store to sell products online? Well this is the only video you’ll need. In this video I provide a step by step Shopify tutorial for beginners. This Shopify tutorial will show you how to have your own live E-commerce store ready to sell on within the hour!

What is Shopify?
Shopify is a very popular software chosen by many online sellers to create their ecommerce websites! Shopify is so popular due to being super user friendly and very easy to interact with!

By the end of this Shopify tutorial you will know how to…
– How to browse the theme store to pick the perfect shopify theme for your new online store!
– How to customize your new Shopify theme
– How to use Shopify payments to collect credit card payments so you can start selling right away
– How to add a logo to your store
– How to add products to your Shopify store
– How to create product collections for your store

This Shopify Review is very easy to follow, a perfect Shopify tutorial for beginners 2019! You will know How to create an online store in just under an hour of work!

Table of contents
0:01 Intro
0:30 Shopify Sign Up
3:05 Theme Selection
4:45 Header Customization
7:35 Home Page Customization
17:45 General Settings
25:41 Creating Essential Pages
29:51 Editing Menus
32:31 Editing Preferences
34:56 Creating A Blog Post
35:31 Adding & Editing Products
43:00 Adding Products To Collections
45:23 Creating Discount Codes
46:57 Order Management
47:19 Analytics
47:55 Apps
51:25 Selecting Your Plan

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