Shopify Tutorial — How To Change Your Shopify Store Name | #287

Shopify Tutorial — How To Change Your Shopify Store Name | #287


In today’s episode I share a little Shopify tutorial and show you how to change your Shopify store name if you want to re-brand your store.


  1. Displays the headline "How to change…" but doesn't show you how to change

  2. I got a question please reply. I want to change my domain and my name. Is that possible? Please contact me i want to know before i sell my store.

  3. Why the fuck you made video If you don'e know.

  4. du bist schlimmer als manuel gonzales und der ist schon das aller letzte du fedde lous

  5. "I hope this helps" .. yes it most certainly did, thank you!

  6. what a waste of time you made a whole video to answer to somethng you dont fcking know

  7. Place looks mad comfy

  8. Settings > General > change away baby

  9. you can change it, go to setting then general

  10. Well how do you do it? What a fucking waste of a video.

  11. I don't know maybe that was the case in 2017. At the moment I am struggling to find a way to change the original store name. YES I know, I already have changed the domain but when I load the website of my store it still shows the old store name. So only the domain has changed.

  12. Please go visit my website to help promote my future as an entrepreneur! You do not have to purchase anything but if you choose to i would greatly appreciate it.@

  13. I just figured out you can change your domain so that your customers actually see the domain you want.. go to DOMAINS & on primary domain click manage on the right.. it will give you the option to select which one you want to use

  14. i got 436 visits in one day but no sales….

  15. hi till thank you for the video, if i will change my domain name,will it affect my facebook pixels?

  16. Hi! When we buy a domain it is a one time payment? Thanks.

  17. Hi Till, I hope I'm not too off topic but I'm unsure if I need a payment gateway AND a merchant account for my client. What about a payment processor? This client sells a product for over 20k.

  18. Hello Till, I have a question not related to the video. What to do then a person orders from your store 2 products, which are from different suppliers? For example: you sell watches that you get from one aliexpress supplier and bracelets that you get from another supplier? This means that the customer will get his order one by one even though he expects them both to arrive at once. How would You suggest to solve these kinds of situations?

  19. hello Till. I have a question. With getting a custom domain I notice you can make custom emails, problem is that they are "email forwarding" emails only on shopify, which means the custom email with my domain is linked to my normal Gmail account so when people send me emails to my custom email I made on shopify, then it just gets forwarded to my Gmail account. also I can not send out emails with that custom email I can only receive them. So my question is how do I get a real email account that is customized, so that I can send and receive emails.

  20. Till, I have a very important question. I often notice there are brand names on Ali Express images, can I use those images on Facebook? and one more thing they are of low quality, what can I do to them?

  21. The video did help. You gave details that I could not get a confirmed answer to. Thanks Till.

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