The 3 Most Popular Print On Demand Shopify Apps Reviewed

The 3 Most Popular Print On Demand Shopify Apps Reviewed


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  1. This guy is the biggest affiliate whore on YouTube, all his videos try to get you to sign up for various shizzle via HIS LINK which he mentions endlessly, it's cringe city

  2. justin would you like to tell me which print on demand app is best for me as i live in pakistan and have no idea about all this procedure and payment methods.thanks in advance.

  3. thank you for your wonderful, informative videos!! your very good at explaining things!!

  4. Has custom car world wide shipping?

  5. your a fucking thief

  6. I literally can't take your advice seriously now. On another video, you swore by GearLaunch because of there customer service feature. Now that your getting paid by CustomCat, you are saying there the best. I guess "the best" to you is whoever is paying you to promote at the time.

  7. What about shipping costs? Also, speak into the mic.

  8. Thank you all for the truth, I'm starting a new shop on Etsy using Gooten. So far I'm pleased with integration and that they have high-quality shirts. Any experience, comment would be appreciated. This guy is not to be trusted…

  9. DO you have a video about CustomCat's pro's and Con's?

  10. good shop for print on demand sales and design :

  11. WARNING! This is a custom cat advertisement. I heard him say Custom Cat 986 times. Do they pay you by word count, view count and affiliate money to suck in paying customers… seems that way. A bit obvious.

  12. Great vid. I hadn't even heard of TLaunch.

  13. Outrageous claim and biased promoting on videos like this is very sad.

  14. Stop with the custom cats all day.

  15. I like the idea of All over T-shirt so probably going for Printful. Good review!

  16. If you are getting rich, buy a damn pop filter.

  17. All you guys talk way to fast. I am 70 years old and need to find a way to earn money from home . This video did me no good at all. Can not follow. PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!!!!

  18. what about CMYK requirements? Justin

  19. Go to Wholesale ted on youtube. she has a lot more in depth tutorials.

  20. speak into the mic next time or use subtitles. audio sucks

  21. Choose CustomCat if you don't mind your shirt flaking/fading after 2 washes.

  22. Whats more important factor between the companies is the quality of the materials, atleast for those who want to build a stronger brand. But like he said in a vid you can use more than one, each one for a different purpose

  23. Thanks for making the video but there are a few things you're not taking into consideration or maybe just some things to note:

    1. Prices depend on the type of shirt: CC charges $6 but for which shirt? A Gildan? Not surprising if so. Gildan is probably the most popular LOWER quality shirt out there along with Hanes, and Anvil. They do have one nice(r) shirt but not worth the $$ when you can spend that on an much better shirt for a fraction more. Bella + Canvas on the other hand make excellent quality shirts. Or even Next Level, or American Apparel. I agree that Printful is expensive in some (maybe most) areas but whats consistent through out these POD sites is the incremental prices difference …based on the kind of shirts. Gildan v.s. Bella or any of the aforementioned brands does not even compare in terms of quality. Budget on the other hand…yeah. If that's all you care about then maybe CC, Gildan/lower quality cotton shirts is what you want.

    2. The Teelaunch design editor does infact have a "center horizontally" button to the left. It appears in your video actually. I knwo how important this as IT WILL AFFECT YOUR DESIGN WHEN PRINTED. I've learned the hard way.

    3. Printful is free. CC is not. So, yes you're right, it's very possible you may cover the cost of the monthly payment of CC by selling shirts but…you HAVE TO sell shirts. That's obvious, right? But with Printful AT LEAST you don't have to worry about that. You only pay when the shirt is sold. No monthly fees. Monthly fees are for their warehousing feature which is pretty cool but also presents the same issue I made about the monthly fee for CC and having to cover that cost by selling.

    4. Other things to consider: printing options for each company: DTG? Screen printing? Sublimation? Idk. What about Branding? Do they add your logo to the packaging they send to your customers? Or is it like Teespring where they use a Teespring branded bag to send the products (which is terrible since it destroys any presence of a brand you may want or already have). Printful adds your logo at no extra charge by the way. Does CC? Would like to know.

    What about customer service? How does CC handle returns? Printful's is not so great. They only accept returns if theres a manufacturing error on the product. Getting in touch with the company you want to return the product to is important. How has your experience been with CC in terms of YOUR customers wanting returns (being that you don't actually print your shirts but CC does).?

    Your video is awesome because it shows the installation process of each app and that is very helpful but I thought I'd help a bit adding these extra points that, I feel, merit mentioning when considering your POD options.


  24. How is the quality of the tshirts since they are so cheap? And how much does CC charge for shipping?

  25. Please wear a clip on mic. The sound is awful.

  26. OMG STOP MENTIONING FUCKING CUSTOM CAT. You mention teelaunch only to shit on them as a comparison.
    I don't care as much about the cost per tee if they are going to be shitty quality, or take ages, or their customer service is shit.
    top 3 reviewed? you should of called it I WANK OVER CUSTOM CAT FOR 25 MINUTES STRAIGHT. useless

  27. Why not out the links of those partners in your VIDEO DESCRIPTION?

  28. T shirt printing and designing is getting huge demand these days. You will see lots of people who are wandering to design their own t shirt and print those from a printing center.

  29. What do you recommend in terms of the return address if someone receives the wrong size ? You own address/po box or the suppliers address?

  30. What is the difference in quality between these three companies?

  31. Not much of a review, more a "How to add these Shopify Apps to your store." Pretty informative but this also could have been a 3 minute video. just my opinion

  32. Hi Justin. I tried the Custom Cat link of yours and it goes to Gearlaunch…?? I have just noticed how old the se messages are, so you must have a new plan now…?

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