The Best 5 Tips For Dropshipping Success (Apply ASAP) – Shopify Dropshipping

The Best 5 Tips For Dropshipping Success (Apply ASAP) – Shopify Dropshipping


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  1. When you say "I made over a grand" is that 1k total or 1k profit?

  2. Start Dropshipping In 2 Steps!

    Step 1: Install Chrome's extension program [ to get free use of Sellez.

    Step 2: Discover and compare the product price of Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and Wish. Then Sell products with large profit margins.

  3. like your

  4. Usually, I need nice and clear and concise information to help me start selling online.

    I agree 100% Having the good idea is key to success.

  5. Hey Sebastion, do you have any books etc on sales you can recommend?

  6. I made 120 dollars my first two weeks of ebay dropshipping. I know it's not a lot, but it still feels really good.

  7. very inspiring videos, keep making them

  8. Always a good learning experience with u. Thanks.

  9. I love your communication. Very smart young man.

  10. please make a new shopify challenge series.

  11. Hi great vid do u 1 on 1 calls

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  13. Your full of value. I take your advice and I’m being patient. I’ll tell you when I succeed, and if I don’t, I’ll try again and be patient. Keep trying and NEVER give up

  14. Can you look at my 2 stores?

  15. Your videos are legit the best on YouTube. You are truthful and straight to the point. Thank you!

  16. you should get more than 1000 likes Sebastian… your videos are really helpful & honest as always 🙂
    thanks buddy

  17. Your videos have helped a lot! Can you do a review on my store? I would lije to make it better if neccesary! Thank you

  18. Would anyone like to help me I’m only 16 and I’m looking for some information if you could help me I could help you too😊👍🏼
    My instagram:ijosuei

  19. whats up bro i have a rookie question i set up my weights to insure everyone receives free shipping except on free items i was just wondering do my weights have to be exact if im dropshipping with aliexpress or is it just to adjust how i charge on my site only? thanks bro

  20. Great video as usual 🤙🏼

  21. Hey Hii Sir,I am Found Someone On Instagram @ben_ Business His man says take $239 Course and mentorship and earn per day 1k to 2k is that true and scammed site? Please give an answer.

  22. My free giveaway isn't working. Does anyone know why. Is there a forum or way to talk on the phone with other marketers? Can't really post my link here.

  23. How can you do please a free plus shipping giveaway? Trying for $3000 or more. I can't message anyone on Instagram, well plus I don't have money to buy ads right now, don't have a big account. Can it be done with hash tags?

  24. Hello, I'm new to this dropshipping business and I have a online home decor store on Shopify, I was wondering if you could do a blunt and honest review about mysite?

  25. Any one from America here??

  26. Sebastian, epic, do you just follow all the DJs and then all of the festival pages and that’s how you see and can target people who are into raves?

  27. how can I create offers on shopify? (Buy 1 and get 1 free)

  28. Great video's man !!
    You've been an incredible influence for me and thousands of other and help us get into the E-commerce business.

    Don't stop your hard work and thank you man !!

  29. Hello I don't why I can't change my website price from INR TO USD please help me

  30. a question about your course, if I get it you mentor me?

  31. u should do like a monthly or weekly q&a

  32. Hey i'm just starting drop shipping but i'm having trouble getting responses from influencers when trying to advertise what do you recommendk when dming or emailing them

  33. Hi bro, can you suggest a book for buyers psychology? Good content here! 🙂

  34. Please Create an video about Paypal issues for DropShippers. They are holding money for 21 days. Please tell the procedure that help us to move out of this problem. And also tell that the company registration is necessary for the beginner level dropshipper as there is budget issue. And Paypal also suspend account due t high rate volume of sales also tell the solution of this problem mean what documents need for recovering the suspended account and what the whole procedure for it.

  35. Hi, Can anyone who is successful in dropshipping, show me how to become successful to please?

  36. Hello everyone, I really need some help and some honest opinions. I recently opened a shopify store that targets people in the dog niche, especially people who like beagles(it is open for about a week now) I tried different influencers and different ads but I didnt get any sales. Can you look over it and give me some tips?
    @blessiethebeagle (ig, i have some ads posted there)

  37. I like what you do Sebastian, You give us a lot informations & i like u for real !
    I was asking myself you talked about MiniInTheBox what apps do you use to import your product ?
    You are the best ! Wish you all good 😉

  38. Hey is the light Orange Color good for Conversion?
    I run a General Store

  39. Once again, really good info, mainly not specifics, but great info. More like concepts.

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