The Shopify Partner Experience

The Shopify Partner Experience


Kurt Elster shares his experience with the Shopify Partner program and how it helped grow his agency’s revenue by 8x year over year.

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  1. Hello! I just registered a shopify partnership account just a few second ago. Is there anybody looking for a creative partner? I'm a 4+ years experienced graphic designer worked closely with shopify related blogs and stores.

    My partnership account is "DesignerRiyad"

    -Thank you 🙂

    [Ps: I'm posting this message to bunch of videos to get a partner and I'm apologies because it seems Spam. Admin please delete if this not allowed]

  2. where are the sales screenshot and car picture on thumbnail? those are the only kind of shopify guru videos I watch!


  3. Thanks a lot for the video.. Researching on this for now.

  4. Great advice. Thanks alot for the video!

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