The Truth About Why You're Not Making Shopify Sales & How You Can Fix It

The Truth About Why You're Not Making Shopify Sales & How You Can Fix It


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So tired of people asking me to review their Shopify store and asking me why they’re not making sales

Today… I reveal the obvious reason why

Stop trying to sell 1,00000,000,000 products on your Shopify store and maybe you’ll see some success

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And best of luck to you, here’s to your success!



  2. So I have a huge question here. What if I have already spent the time (3 months total) to build a beautiful store, add 200 products all written with new descriptions,titles,photos, engagement on social media that is linked, blogs, professional looking store, everything you described for the quality side? What do I do from here? Just keep what I have since I have already dune the work and now just concentrate on 2 or 3 at a time? I assume I can use any 2 or 3 from my store as long as they are ranking on goog trends and such? Thoughts? 💭.

  3. Great info but so snarky

  4. I love your videos I know your super busy I need help with my store

  5. i marketed my first product from aliexpress i only have to products so far but source from aliexpress tells me that both of those products were bestsellers but its the third day and no ones bought anything i have 300+ people that have see my facebook ad like 4 total people that have visited my link but no buyer and im very concerned

  6. Please have a look at my store, ive been running facebook ads and have quite a few add to carts and alot of traffic but still no sales!!

  7. How does that work for a clothing boutique

  8. Do you own a store or a brand? Do you need help with your social media and sales? Looks we can help you 🙂 Good vibes !

  9. love ur video, u have sense of humour ,,,the 5 mint store lol

  10. Can I get some feedback about my store? iknow that i have a lot of products

  11. @Devin Zander I have an idea id like to give shopify a shot! The store would be an outfit/clothing type thing, Im wondering if its ok to have more than 2-3 products in something like this? my reasoning behind thinking it would be fine is all the clothing would pertain to the same type of person who would wear it.

  12. finnaly someone who says niche right.

  13. Another salesman calling people lazy because maybe they just don't know any better trying to sell his little apps. you all say the same shit over and over again and were lazy,

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  15. thank found this video very helpfull……hope i will make my store look as you said and will add efforts…..hope i will find more helpful videos……………………

  16. I am going to make this easy straight out of the gate, I am would greatly appreciate some advice on where I may be failing….plenty of traffic zero conversions….

  17. Sir Please help me how to improve my blog last three days i got 620 click and 1250 real traffic from google search but no one buy anything please please help me.
    my blog

  18. Thank you!!! It is good to hear this emphasis on quality over quantity. Although I heard this idea before, it is good to hear it over and over again from someone who has already succeeded in using this idea. This is proof that this notion works, eh?

  19. This is how we know everyone is just copying each other and regurgitating this circle jerk of information for affiliate money: What's with the goddamn nurse shirt niche? We've seen the other videos dude…

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  21. How does somebody make $1 million on upselling, when they only have 1 item? Does he upsell the same item they're already buying?

  22. Great Video and so honest, straight out without fluff and BS!

  23. When you say add 2-3 products do you suggest to add products from a single niche only or exceptions can be made?

  24. hey bro how do i obtain your shopify teaching courses?

  25. Great advise, thanks mate this has helped me 🙂

  26. 2 or 3 products would not work for a bag shop

  27. Great information, finally something useful!

  28. just came across your channel Devin and am really appreciating the content. Cheers

  29. It sounds like it all adds up, and is sage advice. Thanks, dude <3 =)

  30. Quick question for you. With the new facebook pixel is it ok to have a general store in multiple niches. I know the facebook pixel learns based off who buys but when using multiple niches will the data be accurate.

  31. makes sense… thanks for taking time doing the video!

  32. How do you build a brand? I felt like you were too general with it for me to grasp it.

  33. Thanks for the infor and what drop shipping to you suggest? I launched my store last month and Aliexpress is taking to long to deliver product. ( 6 weeks )I'll never make any money when the customer can buy on Amazon and receive the product in 2 days.

  34. Just discovered your channel. Loving the content and the way you explain everything. Plus the humour never hurt no one.

  35. Most people entering the e-commerce industry are just chasing the money and because they lack true passion, true vision and inspiration they are doomed to fail. Beginners that lack funds and creative skills to:

    1. make their site's UX/UI design top notch and unique
    2. design a powerful and original logo
    3. design and create Facebook ads that are entertaining and seductive
    4. write enthralling copy

    will find it particularly challenging to get off the ground and on the air stream to success. Additionally to excel at these things requires one years of experience (if they are doing it all themselves which I think is probably less that 1%) and or the sensitivity to be able discern between mediocre/bad design and high quality design. No wonder why 95%? will fail.

  36. Your videos and training courses have been a lifesaver for my Store. I would be lost without you and Smar7!

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