The Ugly Truth About Shopify Dropshipping

The Ugly Truth About Shopify Dropshipping


This video has the ugly truth you need to know about shopify and dropshipping!


  1. Hey make a video on INCOME TAX . Do you need to pay income tax if you are doing dropshipping. I am not talking about GST I am just talking about INCOME TAX.

  2. Hindi me bnao na sir plz…πŸ™πŸ™

  3. You are right, thanks man!πŸ™Œ

  4. How to pay for Shopify subscription without a credit card in India

  5. The last 5 min. of video is a stronger point – Thank you for reminding it again Sir.

  6. Hey bro, I just registered on the website but I don't know what to do next .. can you please msg me on my Instagram account – @funnyposts .. I need your help or email me on –

  7. Thanks for sharing the experience..|

  8. brother a video on how to send them an email some demo email u can share in docx

  9. This video is an eye opener. Things aren't easy at all. But consistency and hard work can be a game changer. Hustle Hard and Fail fast so you can learn quick and become successful one day.

  10. Best Video, Thanks for sharing

  11. Great Video!! I haven't yet started, will do soon, Thanks for sharing the experience…

  12. Thanks for telling the truth, so many of the gurus out there are lying their ass off.

  13. Hey Nick, happy to see you revealing the truth about our e comm industry πŸ™‚ .. Keep up the good work brother…

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