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0:00 – Opening
0:17 – Email Auto Responders
7:22 – Funnel Creating Apps
13:15 – Analytics Apps
16:57 – Oberlo
18:07 – Massive Announcement


Email Auto Responders:


Funnel Apps:



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  1. So tri funnels is dead?

  2. It's really great apps list and I want to add one more called
    "Areviews ‑ Reviews Importer" and can import reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon and Shein very easily
    it has many more features I recommended any one to try the free plan .

  3. Four apps I own that you must have smh

  4. wait, i am so confused all of the sudden. So, i dont have to pay anything to get the products to my store initially its just going strait through aliexpress but at my pice and i get the profit ???!

  5. can't find tri funnels on shopify app store

  6. How did u do that self tag in the intro

  7. whats happened to shopimetrics? Is it still available?

  8. Fix better use on smartphone please, the timer looks horrible! Trifunnel on Desktop is fine!

  9. For everyone asking about MailChimp, I am sure he didn't mention it because he is not getting paid by them or they compete with one of his products. I think they are a great place to start as they are free and super user-friendly, but… They have poor deliverability in my experience. For gmail users they will likely deliver to the "Promotions" folder and many other clients will put them in spam folder. If I have an email that I NEED to be seen by my customers I will email them directly from my email address and let them know that they may have missed the newsletter or whatever and tell them how to make sure it gets in the "inbox". Anyone that didn't open in 48 hours gets a direct email from me.
    Don't mean to criticize Dan, and I appreciate his info but also realize THIS is part of his business. He is here to make money, just like most of us, so take his advice with a grain of salt.

  10. Hi Dan Thank you for this valuable content, but I have unrelated question, I'm sorry, wanna know if i have my customer ordered 2 products but different supplier, is tehre anyway that the 2 products will be shipped at the same time? or not, are there ways to inform my customer about it? thank you Dan,

  11. Hey Dan how about mail chimp.. would you recommend this ?

  12. Hey Dan thanks a lot for a great video .. Quickly .. Wt do you suggest Niche Store or General Store ?

  13. Hey bro, was just wondering why you don't instead use MailChimp or GetResponse or as email auto-responders? Those are extremely popular! What's your reasoning for not using them, thanks for the advice….love your videos btw.

  14. If you look at the checklist on Shopify, they show you how to set up your google account to Shopify so you can get your analytics.

  15. I just discovered you here on the YouTube telly, and i'm hooked. Thanks for your honesty !!!
    I'm just starting out. I got my store up, i just need to find a niche/product from AliExpress, post it, and run an ad on Facebook, right "?

  16. Good video Dan, I will purchase TriFunnels if you help me solving this:
    I don´t fully understand the page builder. People won´t see any of our policies, FAQ´s, Contact Us or About Us? Won´t this hurt our conversions if it´s just a sale page with no further info? This is why I would LOVE to use Trifunnels BUT using my existing product pages, so it looks like an ecommerce but they´re getting into my funnel. Best regards!

  17. Any leads on an app that is like Oberlo but has actual US based suppliers?

  18. TriFunnels doesn't work anymore?

  19. If I have a General Store, can I send emails for each Nich with Klaviyo or another app you recommend?

  20. Thanks Dan this was amazing for free……

  21. Nice one! I just broke $250 on shopify today this week. This is helpful for people starting out. I'm so excited to scale this up

  22. Dan: Would you have the time to do a more fuller TriFunnels vid? The one in the course, You seem to ZIP through it and are a jumping around a bit…

    I ask because some products have a bit of a learning curve which can eat into the trial period… Just IMHO…

    Thanks (either way)

  23. Tri-Funnels looks like "the Bomb" And Zipify is crazy $$$ for upstarts

  24. Anyone here considering taking the SMM program?

  25. Thanks for sharing as always Dan..

  26. quicky here! do you have all this on clickbank or other platform where we can be affiliates to offer this great apps of yours?

  27. Thx, so much value Dan.

  28. Tips: Use the App Legend for your Fb Ads guys 😉

  29. Tips: Use the App Legend for your Fb Ads guys 😉

  30. What do you think of Soundest?

  31. Your friend Anthony owns Mail Funnels right?

  32. Yo Dan are your class really free or is there catch to it ? Please let me asap I'm really interested and I want to get into this business asap. I just enrolled fuck it I'm dirt broke I hope this is 100% free lmao

  33. What about 📩🐒 Dan?

  34. What do you think of mail chimp?

  35. Yo Dan, how do you deal with returned items if you are dropshipping? I put my home address on my store and I don't know if I should be asking for all the addresses from all of my suppliers and post them instead.

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