In todays video I talk about the best shopify dropshipping niches for 2018. These are great niches to get started in and start making money quickly with your shopify store.

Picking a shopify niche can be hard but when you have a list of 5 proven to work shopify dropshipping niches you have a head start on the competition.

**We have partnered with shopify for the deal above** **We have partnered with shopify for the deal below**

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  5. 2:15 Gadgets
    3:56 Healthcare products
    6:14 USAmerica-themed products
    7:30 Family, Friends, and Personalized products
    9:14 Netflix series products (be careful about copyright infringing IP)

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  7. I like the idea of a general store but isn’t it better to build around one brand the “golden product”?

  8. How do I match the supplier shipping method to mine, when I dropship from aliexpress ?

  9. With such a different variety of product niches do you have a store for each product type?

  10. Niche stores convert better. You can find a profitable niche with proper research.

  11. who are good suppliers for customize products and drop ship them. Such as necklace with your name or message.

  12. Can you write 5 niche please.

  13. Selling hard niches that people constantly need might be a good start for beginners with low budgets.

  14. toooo much bla bla….instead to direct and specifically on detail on the subject.

  15. As seen on Tv????? Those are new and rare products. How are we going to get access to them?

  16. I'm trying FashionGo which is a one stop center connecting vendors to us buyers. Free registration for buyers They even offer CONSOLIDATION SHIPPING!

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  18. Where is your accent from?? Belfast/American?

  19. Rooney is that u ? haha

  20. what is your info /opinion based on? where are the stats

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  23. very nice of you to share these insights. just an honest question tho. why are you revealing your secrets and tips in these channel? isn't the more people know about this business model, the more competition you going to have?

    i don't get it.

    just curious is all.

  24. hiiiii james you help me build my online store.

  25. Really cool video! I started Dropshipping with Shopify a few years back. I had a job with a six-figure income, and I was able to quit to pursue my passions and have free time to hang with my kids. If you want to know more, just check out my channel! Thanks 🙂

  26. So a lot of other people are saying that starting with a more generalized niche is not good for business, and that you should focus more on a specific niche so that you can target your audience. There is a lot of mixed opinions on how to start drop shipping and it’s really hard to pick you to listen and learn from

  27. Where can I see your results before buying course?

  28. Ive seen you pop up on ad on my Instagram feed… Wasn't a big fan tbh LOL

  29. When drop-shipping, I believe it takes a lot of time for the shipping, especially if you are using a foreign service like Alibaba. How do you deal with that? Is it okay if it takes 15-20 days for the customers to receive the product?

  30. Just asking, where are you from……can't place the accent

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  32. Hi James , thanks for a great video : one big question ?: how you suggest to organize the pixel , of we do a general store by so much different niches , does any niche will in the Ads another one or there is a clue how we can separate different niches for 1 pixel , please how we can do it ?

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  34. Can one make more than one store on shopify?


  36. "they can cut it in half by 50%" lmao

  37. Are we required to have EIN to dropship the products under their brand names in China?

  38. Hi James, would I be losing out at all by setting up a general store? 99% of the advice I received up to now is about the importance of setting up a niche store.

    I like the idea of setting up a general store first but is it a lot harder to target a category within a general store, as opposed to building a specific niche store I can build a community around?

    Kind Regards

  39. Hey James, great video, I've seen a few of yours now, you come across as a top bloke, that wants to bring others in and bloody good on ya mate, I have 1 question and I genuinely am not trying to be rude but I've been researching dropshipping and affiliate marketing for a few weeks now, there's loads of videos of how to do, but why do you want more people taking a piece of your cake? again not trying to be agro just curious. Trivia for anyone who reads this google 'scundered' for james from N.Ireland and 'boss' for me from merseyside

  40. youre awesome james!! watched a bunch of your content, i like your vibe and he way you teach!! keep up the good work!!

  41. What is the product you are talking about at 5:10? I have problems understanding you accent. Thanks

  42. Hey James, I would like to ask you a question about a niche but don't want to say it all over the internet. Anyway I could contact you?

  43. Great video James! I'm just getting into shopify, so stuff like this is invaluable to me, keep up the great work man… I found a rally sweet way to make some extra money to incorporate with my dropshipping, and it's making money on instagram, check the video on my channel if you want to learn how you could make $100+ per day with instagram.

  44. Your videos are so helpful, thank you!!! I'll be starting my shopify journey shortly.

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