Turning $5 into $20,518 With FACEBOOK ADS – Shopify Dropshipping

Turning $5 into $20,518 With FACEBOOK ADS – Shopify Dropshipping


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In todays video I break down a $20,000 Campaign We ran with a shopify dropshipping product. This should gove you a great overview on how to run facebook ads.

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**We have partnered with shopify for the deal above** **We have partnered with shopify for the deal below**


  1. Hey James, great video. Love this transparency and knowledge-sharing of yours. Down to earth yet smart and helpful. Thanks! One question: what's the app with the green logo that combines product price and shipping costs, to see with the amplifyer logo on https://youtu.be/vN7iPlKyGgU?t=188 ? I searched for it on the app store and on google images but came up empty-handed. Please tell us. Thanks again! Keep up the great work, mate!

  2. his James great video. can I run maxbounty offers through fb ads?do I need anything for tracking?

  3. Hey brother i’ve been watching you for a while and i love how hard you’ve been thriving. I’d love to talk more directly could you direct message me on instagram @grow_your_roots. Cheers stay prosperous

  4. Awesome content as always!

  5. Commenting for ecom dom!

  6. How did u handle sizing issues people generally have with wearables. parents will be very particular about size of wearables for their beloved kids. no?

  7. So much value from this video

  8. 9:37 i think this is because facebook is able to reach that age group of buyers easier than it is able to reach other age groups

  9. So motivated now!!! Thanks man.

  10. Hey man , started to watch your videos , and Iam just amazed , will continue watching in the future , thanks a lot !!

  11. One of the best info. Video till now. Marketing is key and so simple we just tend to make it complicate

  12. Great info. Would like to know what ad copy did you use ?

  13. oh my god we have these shoes we probably bought them from you before I knew what AliExpress was lmaooooo

  14. Read this for making high target Facebook Ads

  15. Unbelievable content I recommend all to view this video 3 times minimum to can achieve all it value.💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  16. Moooooore ooooooof thiiiiiiiis tyyyyyyyype ooooooooof videooooos!!!!🙂 that is all

  17. Hi James, love the content it's gold – would you recommend a niche over a general store as a rule of thumb? Would love to win your course haha. Cheers, Cian

  18. Love this video! You are the only honest youtuber I know in this business.

  19. Always nice to see how your Facebook ad strategy has evolved over time. Will be watching this video again to glean more info. Thanks!

  20. How much would you suggest to spend on your first ad for a beginner?

  21. More of this, James, incredible stuff

  22. Thx for this video James,I appreciate that. So,what about that amount spent? Is the total amount of ads u spend in that? M waiting for ur answer James. See u

  23. I NEED to get in the master course! great vid

  24. Damn hope you created a LAA audience 1k purchases you could've scaled that hard.

  25. Really excited for Q4 now. Great job!

  26. I just made ads with conversions – purchase and I am not getting any traffic, the add is not seen at all

  27. Just wondering are you running PPE ad or WC?

  28. Damn love this, I haven't found a single dropshipping youtuber that has shown us his ads/products! Gonna try to set up retargeting for my store now.

  29. Yes please make this a series! Very helpful!

  30. Very nice video, nice to see reel numbers for the first time. Thanks James you rock

  31. Perfect. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  32. Great stuff mate

  33. Hello ! Thanks for the video, very interesting ! Yes baby items are so cute……..The baby niche is a good one I guess

  34. 26th August 2016? Are you kidding me? Of course it worked like that 2 years ago, but you know that this simple strategy is not working any more. Dont lie

  35. One of the best videos I've seen regarding the steps to take within facebook ads. An excellent video. Liked and subscribed .

  36. £10 K profit thats only 5 sales of your courses. I would rather learn how to sale courses than dropshipping. No brainer.

  37. enters

    Love your content brutha

  38. Love the content! I notice you didnt go crazy on daily budget, but i was wondering did you dupe the ad sets that are working into those $25 ad sets or you increased the budget directly from $5 – to $25?

  39. These videos are super valuable! Would love to see more of this in the near future. I'm feeling lucky enough to win that Ecom Domination V4!!! Lets goooo

  40. You got more than 100 likes ^.^

  41. Much respect to you James for sharing such private business info.

    How much did you sell a pair for?

    Pick me I want ecom domination. 🙋‍♂️ I have gone through your free course and I love It. I want to learn more.

  42. Nice video James would be up for more like this

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