Ultimate guide To Setting Your Shopify Store’s Instagram – Ninja Dropshippign Branding Techniques

Ultimate guide To Setting Your Shopify Store’s Instagram – Ninja Dropshippign Branding Techniques


Your instagram is your first touch point for your business so it has to be solid! Today we talk about how to set up a poppin instagram account that gains followers and makes sales for you.

P.S. Let me know in the comments below if you want to have your site reviewed live in a video.
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  1. I dont know if this legal, but can i post my store in any youtube video?

  2. instagram.com/wickedimpact please let me know what u think. Thanks!

  3. This video was generally pretty effective and clear. I've got a few questions though. First of all, you alluded to posting an ad for 6 hours or so and then taking it down, so your page isn't cluttered. Sounds pretty smart, but I want to have a place where there is a permanent presentation, so people don't have to leave Instagram to go to my store. This led me to the idea that I could use my personal brand page like a funnel for my business page, but I haven't figured out a way to get Shopify to let me connect 2 stores to the same account. Do you know if it's possible to do this, and if so, how?

  4. do you need to have an instagram account to pay for shout outs, because building an instagram account takes time and then it makes pointless to make a shopify store without having already trustworthy instagram and facebook accounts

  5. 4:30 wouldn't buying followers backfire?
    people can easilly tell if your following is fake
    and if you have photos up, and the comments and likes don't match
    then what?

  6. If we were to buy the hot dropshipping items and take actual photos of it, do you think we should put a watermark logo on the photo to avoid people taking it and reusing them?

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  8. I like this video thanks Nash. Am a complete newbie to Instagram as I don't use it personally. So had no idea how to build it. Had it open for a week and got like 24 followers. But the funny thing is that am already getting spam comments and manufacturers contacting me. Which is really annoying.

    One thing I will ask is what do you recommend is the minimum amount of times you should post a photo on Instagram? Once a week or once every 2nd day or once a day or 3 times a day? Like I see some Instagram accounts that post like up to 20 photos a day, and to me seems excessive and hard for just me to manage.

  9. Hey are you still reviewing the website live. If so i would appreciate if you could review mine. shopwitme.net is my website name

  10. Hey man we should link up!

  11. Awesome content, as usual. Would love for you to review my store. looking for some feedback.  rannexpress.com

  12. 🔥 Awesome Video 🔥
    Do A Giveaway Broo😘

  13. thanks for posting and the help in DMs Nash! 🙂 keep it up!

  14. Nash i am really enjoying the contents and tips you provide.
    Thank you man.
    Can i request something ?
    Do you think you can go over how to use fb pixel on your store and set up a conversion data so we can use it later to make lookalike. Step by step please.. this would really help us with your influencer tactics

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