ULTIMATE Low Budget Facebook Ads Strategy 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

ULTIMATE Low Budget Facebook Ads Strategy 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping


In this video I show you the best low budget facebook ads strategy

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In this video I will show you a low budget facebook ads strategy that you can use if you’re dropshipping but your budget is limited. This Facebook ads tutorial is easy to follow and I will show you step by step what you need to do.

This will help you drive traffic to your shopify store without blowing a big budget. I will also cover some of the guidelines you should try to stick to when facebook ads testing

If you are dropshipping with shopify or want to make money with shopify then you need to watch this vid

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  2. thanks man, before even watching the video. its hope

  3. #BEATGANG at first i knew nothing about facebook ads now i know alot thanks

  4. Hi Beast. I have a doubt about starting the facebook campaigns. In a 2018 video you say to start the campaign with VC and scaling into ATC/IC/P… and here you say to start directly with Purchase. Im working with a new business manager (40 sales). Which is the right way?

  5. Hello must I put directly with a cold pixel conversion purchase conversion where should I go gradually starting with view content etc… ? Thank you.

  6. Could I use dynamic creative ?

  7. In my country the facebook has problem to collect information for those who purshase. So, in that case should I put Initiate Checkout instead ? In my country most people use IC.

  8. What’s an roa and how do I measure that

  9. you said the BE ROAD should be bigger to have highly profit
    ok then , if we sell a product with 39.99$ , and the product cost is 7.99$
    in this case 39.99/31.99= 1.25
    and the BE Roas Should be more than 1.5 although we have a big profit amrgin between the selling and cost product

  10. Is it possible to get traffic with 0 budget? Maybe with shopify apps?

  11. Would you narrow by engaged shoppers?

  12. #BEASTGANG Randomly came across your video. Much explanation and knowledge. Thanks buddy!

  13. #BEASTGANG I liked how you gave exact instructions on when to scale and when to kill, when I first started this in January I didn't make any sale until April and I lost all the money I had, wasted on bad ads. Now I want to open a new store but my budget is so low this comes great. Thanks!

  14. too much talk very little information. where is the low budget strategy? what you are offering here is a try and error. you can't call that a strategy.

  15. #BEASTGANG, really helpful, thanks man, I'm gonna use this strategy 😉

  16. I thought ROAS meant “Return on Ads Spent” at 4:30 you’re talking about Selling Price divides by Profit equals ROAS. Your ROAS should be the resulting income from the ad divided by the cost spent towards ads.

    Shouldn’t ROAS be greater than or equal to 2.5?

    If your ROAS is at 2.5 for example, then you may have spent $20 on ads but resulted $50 from spending $20 on ads.

    Comment if I sound stupid!

  17. #BEASTGANG baby. Love your videos. I just starting out on my shop and to be honest I have a lot to learn. your videos has been invaluable in helping me understand more about ecommerce. Thank you for not looking down on me and allowing me to be your friend on facebook.

    Peace out!

  18. What if a campaign series budget puts three identical ad groups?

  19. Noob here, what's a Creative? 🧐🤓

  20. after 72 hours, adset spent 3x profit margin with no sale then kill it?? how can ad set with 5$ budget have 3x profit margin spent on 3rd day? if 15$ is more than 3x profit, means you are aiming profit margin less than 5$?

  21. hello other than epacket, do you target top 6 countries?
    worldwide you mentioned you dont due to shipping

  22. Coming to your channel you do not need to hunt for valuable videos because you find them in everywhere in this channel. #BeastOfEcom

  23. Thanks, Harry. After your 1.0 free courses, I started my first site and trying to get traffic from Facebook and Google Shopping. But I face the same problem. My Google shopping ad always stay at pending items status. My Facebook ad are always Disapproved with a Destination URL Issue. Do you have any courses on fixing these problems? Or could you give me some help on my issues?

  24. thanks for your help, i try 100$ budget 10 ads does't not delivering and i chenged for my budget 200$ but still not delivering. i need your help. thanks

  25. #BEASTGANG i very curious to this method 🙂

  26. Dont you think its smart to exclude? "aliexpress" "dropshipping" "wish"

  27. Do you pay for the ad upfront before it goes live? or after the ad is done?

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