What Alex Becker Doesn’t Want You to Know About Shopify Drop Shipping in 2018

What Alex Becker Doesn’t Want You to Know About Shopify Drop Shipping in 2018


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  1. Apologize for the Editing Job on this one Guys. Still traveling for the Holidays, but I wanted to get some content out for you! The Editing = Meh, but the content & overall message couldn't be truer! Hope everyone has a great finish to their 2017!

  2. Thank you for the info, very good vid.

  3. I just listened to Alex Becker's webinar where he introduces the concept of drop shipping via Shopify, Thieves, etc. and I thought it was fantastic. I found the presenters very transparent about the costs of advertising. They didn't dive deep but it was inferred that you would have to balance your ad investments as you grow financially and have more money for marketing.

    I paid over $10K in 2008 for a program called "Stores Online" and they promoted drop shipping through Aibaba. They used the same motivations about "what's stopping you from taking the jump into entrepreneurship, etc.?" I jumped and I'm still jumping but the stable financial platform still eludes me. At the time the technology was awkward and complicated. I didn't make it work. So actually to see the growth of the tools and integration of all the cool apps is exciting.

    I am not able to sign up for his program right now but may in the future. I did see his response to your video and it's good to know that not everything he does is drop shipping from China. I am troubled about the ethics of Chinese manufacturing which I'm learning that some workers are paid slave wages and the industry has a huge, negative, impact on the environment.

    I'm not really wanting to chase the dollar so much that I disregard and ignore the impact of my choices on others. Do we have drop shipping for just American made products or "sustain-ably" made products? All you drop shipping gurus out there please share info.

    How would I learn more about the sourcing of some of the products? I already marked my favorites on Theives and many are health oriented which I like as it is in alignment with the branding I'm creating.

    I am thankful for your video and intend to watch some of your training.

  4. You are using Alex Becker's name to get clicks. What you say may enhance, improve on Becker, I don't know, but you are definitely piggy backing on Becker's success. No question to it.

  5. "Oh buy from me because I'm better." This is definitely a sleezy conflict of interest.

  6. This is actually a great video for beginners. I watched one of his webinars and as a beginner myself I got really hyped about it and bought his course. One thing he didn't mention that in addition to his two thousand dollar course it's going to take another grand to get your store started. That's money I don't necessarily have, I had to ask a friend if he wanted to go in on it together and thankfully he agreed so we're splitting the cost and I'm going to continue on with the course I bought.

  7. All you guys do the same shit

  8. Dude u just wasted my 8 minutes…. What a useless video

  9. These so called experts are FRAUDS!
    They are not making money from drop shipping. They are making money on courses. Selling newbies the dream. They never show their NET profit. Only their gross sales. Let's see the net. Not the net from the BS course business but from actual drop shipping.

  10. for the first 5 minutes you literally didn't say shit except how you're going to look at drop shipping. WEAK!

  11. Stop. Repeating. Yourself. This video should have been 5 minutes

  12. Drop shippers are giving a bad reputation to the ecommerce business industry . Bunch of fn dumbasses . They all think they can just find some stupid item and put it on Shopify or on amazon and become mega rich . What a bunch of fools . I hope these types of scammers keep sucking money out of the dumb dumbs until drop shipping disappears for good

  13. Lmao Alex so burned on you. You should take notes from him. You might learn something. 😂

  14. I can't catch you……..slow down man

  15. In all honesty is dropshipping a viable business anymore?

  16. Did everyone get a Shopify ad played before this video?

  17. Becker / his company stole my money, call it the way you want. Be careful and really check other programs before you decide to join him. There are much better and genuine teachers out there

  18. Alex becker talks about having millions and millions,more money than most people can dream of,then tries to get you to pay 1500 dollor for a course,many out there like me are facing real hardship,think that getting more into dept to pay massive amounts for courses,why are people like alex becker so greedy why don't they help people to change things around.why not give the course for free then pay the 1500 iff they make it work,say over a 12 month period.Does anyone know of anything online that's not tryng to get all of your money,is there anyone out there on the web that cares ,cos i and i think a lot of others are vlosing the will to live with all of this greed.thanks Jamie.

  19. Sat in Alex's webinar, started looking at his store and started asking questions(well to myself cause you know)….ended up finding his store and its offline…almost felt like money laundering.

  20. 3k views in 2 weeks! I'm gonna catch you! (Alex Becker Lied To ME) https://youtu.be/XYpPBKgB9as You enjoying all the hatters

  21. You are subscribed to my friend Nick Nimmin 👌

  22. You try to be as transparent as posible, but you using Alex beckers name in a vid where you using hes Way to get People's e-mail for marketing for "free" stuff you do hes game exposing him…

  23. Nice video! I just started my channel recently, doing a lot of dropship/shopify videos too, feel free to check them out!

  24. Alex becker makes money selling courses and software not dropshipping.

  25. I appreciate you pointing out misleading statements but lol you adding a plug of your course at the end feels like a poor choice. Almost feels like a bait and switch

  26. I'm just stuck at the moment. Not sure what to do next. Dm me pls

  27. song name??? sounds familiar but can't put my name on it

  28. BG media you’re a shit Marketer, if you’re gonna say you have free courses with no strings attached don’t have a paid course on your website! Use a better strategy when it comes to marketing your courses.

  29. #heronation – do some further research before you create a video like this in the future. purchase one of his courses and you'll see. all tho you bring up some realy cool pointers, you picked the wrong guy, alex is very good at what he does..

  30. How is you any different when you offer a course at the end of this video?

  31. I made $69k with shopify last year, for a profit of…. negative $4k. That shit is difficult and ever elusive. .

  32. Awesome job you made total sense kick ass video

  33. Take your time people do your reasearch ask questions before you spend 500 dollars on a course that money can go towards your business.

  34. That's the game now the so called Gurus always say sales but what's the actual profits and courses I will never buy a cousre.

  35. Can you stop saying "weary" and you mean "wary"? "Weary" means tired.

  36. "We went from $0 to $10k per month average in 20 days." How do you have a per-month average if you've only been going for 20 days? B.S.

  37. BTW (and I'm not being a grammar Nazi here – just a tip…), to be "weary" of something means you're tired… Being "wary" of something means being suspicious. And I only mentioned it because you used the word several times, and just want to help you going forward. Hope that helps. And great vid – VERY good point about the numbers being thrown around, as if they are profit, and not just gross sales. Thanks for the info!

  38. its easy to talk about alex when he on a tube video . why dont you be a man .and face alex becker .and put your skills in marketing agains alex too the test . my personal view of this matter is that your useing alex banding power too push your own brand . if you had marketing pull in the market place . you would not need alex becker at all . john

  39. for me alex becker is the real deal . he not perfect .or am i over time i listerned to business people in the past . and they have help me . this month i made about 75 k going on a plane trip then back to drop shipping .thanks alex i got you back your friend john

  40. I noticed most dropshippers use AliExpress. My honest, curious question is this.. if the average person (shopper) online knows about AliExpress, then why would they buy a product from another website and not just head straight to AliExpress to buy it cheaper? That question is what's held me back from Dropshipping from there. If anyone has insight please enlighten me. Maybe it's just me, but as a shopper (and thrift-hound lol) I usually check Wish and AliExpress to see if they have something before I buy it elsewhere.

  41. Everyone says he's not a shopify guy but how do they know because he says it a millionaire is someone who influences 1 million people…a dumb ass is someone who believes someone constantly says shopify store but is not an affiliate..why not Word Press…BigCommerce BUILDERALL!!! You can generate more revenue on Word Press than Shopify spend 5k on SEO another 2k to get the actual product your drop shipping for a video review and also hella money for ads

  42. People hear 1 million in revenue and begin the worship 😂😂😂 rookies you'd be better off partnering with wish… Amazon…or Printify…and spend massive amounts on ads

  43. Dropshipping has been dead since 2014😂😂

  44. You are dumb as shit dude. Please don’t make anymore videos you broke bitch. You sound so fucking stupid from the stand point of a marketer. Truly truly stupid af.

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