What Is Instagram Influencer Marketing And How Does It Work? Shopify Traffic & Sales Tips!

What Is Instagram Influencer Marketing And How Does It Work? Shopify Traffic & Sales Tips!


Want to learn Instagram Influencer Marketing from my mini-course?

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  1. I know a big handful who have used phlanx as their platform in making their influencer marketing life easier.

  2. Matt , another great video , thank you so much for making and sharing it .

    Quick question please: is using IGs great for promoting and selling Clothing and clothing related accessories ?

  3. I have been using influencer marketing to boost my brand. I did some collaborations with influencer through Phlanx

  4. I find it amazing people are influenced to buy from anything that anyone in Love Island flogs! Seems to work though πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  5. Hi Matt, I've just tried to purchase the 50 something videos from your one day intensive, for some reason I can't buy it, is there another way of doing this?



  6. Hello! Thank you for all the knowledge you give..It's really helping me πŸ™‚

    Plus..I want to purchase your course, I'm from Iraq. In the purchase page it says that it's not available in my
    area πŸ™

    Please can you fix this?? I really want to learn dropshipping and I see how you simplify things into step by step in your videos..please please!! I want to purchase the course!!
    I hope you respond to my request β˜†β—‹β€’Β°β™‘

  7. Yea Influencer Marketing is uber powerful!

  8. Hi Matt. Do you reckon this could be a good way to promote Merch By Amazon T-Shirts?

  9. I have seen people appearing from nowhere and posting images of big earnings in your group and I have often wondered why they bother. It makes sense now. Lol

    I know I posted the screenshot of when I earned $1,950 in one day, or sometimes post them when I’ve earned over $2,000 in a few days because of some new idea I’m trying, but that’s different, because I was a beginner when I found your material and it was you and your help and advice that got me to that point where I could earn that amount.

    That’s not me boasting, it’s 100% me showing others that if I can do that in a few short months starting with zero % knowledge and experience, ANYONE can.

    For anyone out there reading this, trust me, get the course today. Not tomorrow or next week or next month, TODAY.

    The sooner you start, the sooner you earn.

  10. Maybe this could help me with my prize draw too? Something has to work. Lol – Sold two more tickets today. Only 396 to go. πŸ˜•

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