In this one I talk about what you should do when your adsets start dying out! I get this question a lot so I wanted to address it 🙂

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  1. yo man i ran some ads for a one product store i had a bunch of add to carts only one sale should i drop the store or what?

  2. This is a great topic…. it can also happen when Facebook does updates. I'm speaking about old AdSets.

  3. really millions of times?

  4. Great Video Once again buddy 🙂
    Can you suggest me about how to Find Interest for detailed targeting of audience in Facebook Ads for any product?

  5. Good points bro, I think everyone knows that feeling, haha!

  6. Hey arie, what do you think about testing 2 differents ads in the same adset?

  7. Thanks Arie 🙂 will adjusting the budgets help?

  8. Hey Arie love your videos man! Can you make a video on Shopify e-commerce but youre actually holding inventory selling to your local area. How do I set the shipping?

    Will be super valuable..keep killing in bro💪

    Keep killing it

  9. Every fucking time I have a new problem , you upload the right video at the right time !
    That's almost scary 😂😂
    30k last month ! Will aim for 50 for August
    Keep it up man ! Cheers from Paris

  10. Arie scherson, can you please review our store? It would mean the world to us. http://www.adornlet.com

  11. Really dig the intro on this one

  12. Thank you for the playlist Arie !

  13. Selling shoptimized theme (updated) for $50 – value $597! dm me on insta if you’re interested @LegacyChaser

  14. This happend to me yesterday so thanks so much Arie

  15. The best there ever was

  16. hi Arie. Great video as always!. i have a question for you: when you have a winner adset, can you duplicate it without changing interests to get other similar winners or you should ALWAYS change the interest.

  17. Thanks arie. I'm testing 10-15 ad set on very 1st day.
    4days ago got 3 sales from 3 content view with $5/day single adset. But no sales after 2days. How it's possible? Same thing happened many times after getting 2-3 sales CPP gonna higher and higher.

  18. hello Arie 🙂
    what free theme you recommend , I have a painting store (similar but different design) should I buy booster theme?(one of my friend have multiple license)

  19. Lol that's so weird, i test a product i get 2$ cpp, 2 days later 25$ CPP XD.

  20. very thank fully about your videos that make our newbie to known. i have more question after i do worldwide targeting with 4-5 interested ads set but it no making sell but unique link click alot. did i still take pick up this product more ? or just stop it?

  21. Hey Arie nice video.
    Is it possible, that the whole fb account is delivering like shit?
    It seems to me that my ad account in general doesn‘t look for the right people, and for 5$ fb ads the number of clicks is quite low, the reach too… that‘s why my results are most of the time bad

  22. Nawh but for real tho, thanks for making the playlists, it was tedious trying to go back in your channel to find a specific video on a certain topic

  23. I was waiting for it ! THANKS ARIE ;

  24. The 🐐. I have a serious question bro. Do you even really do too much SPYING or do you just pick a cool product that’s already selling and make sure your targeting is on point and that’s all you really do?

  25. When are you starting the no paid ads series

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