Why Shopify Will Die (UPDATE VIDEO)

Why Shopify Will Die (UPDATE VIDEO)


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  1. do you have any recommendation on inventory management app for shopify ?

  2. SUMMARY: It's not so much Shopify… it's drop shipping… and it's not so much dying… it's becoming oversaturated…

  3. sutcho bitch ass up dumbass

  4. Yes it will become harder to make profit but completely dying? Don't think so.

  5. Shopify is getting really hard. You guys dont need to give up being entrpreneur, there's more ways to make money. I made 100k in 6 months doing a business model nobody talks about (not sure why) i made a video on it.

  6. Region based POD seems ok still

  7. You stopped uploading 🙁

  8. One of the few honest videos

  9. Oh well….I been strugglin,husslin,thuggin it forever…

  10. Tell them the truth… You need to put thousands into FB Ads to start off! And we both know it! if they get some sale on just $50 or $100, it was just pure luck……

  11. Shopify is just a platform to sell goods online, How can it die?

  12. ALso, the US government is increasing shipping from China on Jan 1….i think 13% increase, because American sellers can not compete with their low shipping rates and its been a very unfair market for legit businesses in America for a long time………i think next year they are going to put even more of a crack down on CHINA

  13. Dan, grow your beard back bro you looked a little more slick with it.

  14. I'm about to get started dropshipping it sucks that it's saturated 🙁 I was worried about long shipping times too. What can I use to ship my products besides aliexpress? Anyone?

  15. thanks for giving a clear picture to all those who are jumping the bandwagon after watching YouTube videos of those making thousands on Shopify.

  16. that free course is super complete man thanks!

  17. Yeah, Dan is very right, those of us who embrace these changes early will be good down the road. Thanks Dan

  18. Hey who knows the best third party fulfillment company? Please Dan if you read this make a video about it or just email me tinbuktuarts@gmail.com the website is TimbuktuArts.com

  19. thanks for the Video on shopify… I was about to get into Shopify, now I might have to go try Pinterest or Instagram Marketing… whats the mic and mic boom brand you use?

  20. Btw hope we can high five one day, name’s Dan too

  21. NEW member of your course :). What I would like to know is…. Do you tell the customers up front that it will take up to 20 days to receive the product? That seems like the best course to keep charge backs and refunds from happening. If you do tell them that, how do you tell them? Do you say it's coming from China or just say it can take up to 20 days to receive your product.

  22. You’ve been commenting on smaller youtubers channels…. just waitin for you to comment on one of my vids 😉

  23. Opportunities are limitless on Shopify and most people fail anyway
    The market will filter out the weak businesses naturally and the only best will last
    Competition and over saturation should not worry anybody

  24. You out here giving us heart attacks man

  25. My products are digital, but I use click funnels and Shopify.

  26. shopify will die if net neutrality gets repealed

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