⚠️ Do THIS Before You Start Your Shopify Store (Shopify Dropshipping)

⚠️ Do THIS Before You Start Your Shopify Store (Shopify Dropshipping)


Find Out *EXACTLY* What You Should OR Shouldn’t Do Before You Start Your Shopify Store!

Pay Attention And Finish The Video If You Don’t Want To Learn It The HARD & PAINFUL WAY!

Also 8 Power Tips Are Revealed!

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  2. Do you have any plans to open up for coaching?
    I am interested!

  3. Thank you Dave for your genuinely awesome content and videos!

  4. From One Youtube channel to the next… finally stumbled across yours. So glad to have found it!! Great content Dave! Appreciate the blunt honesty, lol! I'm going to start watching your other vids lol. Have a great day!

  5. I love how you just get to the point!!!

  6. Another great content Dave. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if you can do a tutorial video about Custom conversions. When to use them, how to use them, and what benefits when using them. Keep it up man, you're an inspiration.

  7. great tips thanks dave, im 61 years young and need help with my facebook ads

  8. Just started watching ya videos👍 one quick question I started 2 fb pages with my stores url and my page got disabled twice😞😞 any suggestions why, much appreciation, thx

  9. Anyway you can explain exactly the whole shipping setup? I do not understand the weight organization system people use and i'm so lost

  10. thank for great tips …. i juz got few questions about Shopify store … recently my FB ads acc juz get flagged for something that i believe i know it [ im stealing someone video blindly with editing it ] … then i recreate another fb acc to create the ads for it but this time i'm posting about other products however this time im not stealing any video and yes im get flagged again … will using the same domain [ Shopify ] store that previously been flagged will cost the new acc flagged as well ? …. or i should forget about the old shopify website and recreate everything with the new name , new registration , new domains which everything is new all over again …..

  11. another great video, i liked the tip about loading speed, thank u!

  12. Wow I really overlooked the tip #6 coz I am actually planning to start with 300$ spare cash, does it mean that I have to save more money? How much do you think is the minimum to start with? Excellent video btw 👌

  13. Gold content! Keep the hard work man🔥

  14. amazing video. thanks

  15. You are the best DAVE! One of the most underrated guy out there! Thanks man!

  16. Somebody send this video to soulja boy 😛

  17. Thank you for all the information!

  18. Thank you Dave! Real truthful content. 👍

  19. my teacher love you so much.thx

  20. Great video as ALWAYS bro 🔥keep up the grind!

  21. liked. also, that thumbnail looks like JUSTINS.nice

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