™️ Shopify/Aliexpress – Copyright & Trademark Issues ™️

™️ Shopify/Aliexpress – Copyright & Trademark Issues ™️


™️ Shopify/Aliexpress – Copyright & Trademark Issues ™️

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  1. Hey! I’ve been trying to sell earrings, but a lot of them have Chinese trademarks on the corner of the picture, are these okay to sell??

  2. Nice informative video dude 👍 lots of people sell duplicate copy of premium Shopify themes in $30 or $50. Doing this isn't Breach the copyright ? Thanks in advance

  3. Products are not trademarked… they're patented. It could be just a part of the product.
    You can't use Aliexpress pictures safely, if people make counterfeiting they don't give a crap about stealing images.

  4. If i have Asus laptop, Meizu Cellphones, or Huawei or Iphone or Anything like this it will be illegal? Can you answer me please Andy?

  5. Everywhere I turn around, I see golden nuggets.

  6. Hey, what about if I am working to TM a biz? Do I register these items under my TM? Thanks!

  7. Can you use from the supplier images from the comment section? You are selling panties that supplier has reviews about the product. Somebody post a good review and post his picture with the face. Can I use his photo from reviews and put in my store description?

  8. Hey great video, but few questions:
    1. What about little brands not like adidas, nike etc… how can you know if a product isn’t registered that is little brand and not know for sure, there lots of clothing that are registered and aren’t big brands, how can we check them for sure?
    2. Lots of aliexpress photos from the supplier are stolen and has copyrights how do you know on them for sure? Google image search only?

  9. My man. Another one 🔥

  10. Hey can you make a video on what kind of store we should make? General, niche or general/niche store

  11. Andy mai hey! Did the mastermind you attended in phuket organised by steve and evan tan from singapore?

  12. Great video! Yeah, we can use aliexpress images, but we have to be careful because aliexpress sellers sometimes use images that belong to an influencer. I would be very careful in the photography niche, they are very aware of copyright 😀

  13. Thanks for making this video on my request…. another topic that I want you should cover on taxes. If I dropship in the US from China or from US suppliers do I need to pay any taxes.

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