👕 Reviewing Every Shopify Print On Demand T-Shirt! What's The Cheapest & Best Quality Shirt? 🧢

👕 Reviewing Every Shopify Print On Demand T-Shirt! What's The Cheapest & Best Quality Shirt? 🧢


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  1. Try On Haul or Posing Update? you decide

  2. Hey, is print on demand still working in 2019? This niche became extremely competitive.

  3. Great great video star.

  4. Anywhere we can get this spread sheet, my guy? Awesome work!

  5. Can you do a video like this one for childrens shirts? onsies too. Ages NB to 12 years old

  6. Unfortunately turned off at 2.00 due to your very horrible choice in music.

  7. Can u do one for women?

  8. I respect the effort you put into making this video. You've got a sub!

  9. prihtful is way too expensive imo tho i sold a hoodie for 45.95 and i only made 5.95 profit…smh, VAT & Shipping are a BITCHHHH

  10. This video was really helpful. Thanks.

  11. Any advise on picking the best print on demand company in terms of print quality.

  12. Hands down one of the most informative videos out there! Lots of detail. Great pricing chart, that is what I was looking for. Thank you,

  13. The print on demand company killer…. customers want Walmart priced T-Shirts, but they want premium quality fabrics and designs…. and the print on demand companies seem to be the only ones making any money, as their pricing seems far too high to me. It's a real challenge.

  14. Am i hearing rap on a tshirt ad? Ok MGK

  15. Thanks for making this video bro! Btw how many inches are you biceps? Trying to get an idea of how wide the sleeves on the shirts you showed are because I noticed most of them fit perfectly while the first gildan shirt you showed was a bit loose around the arms. TY!

  16. So to sums it up…We go with Custom Cat as it has all the best choices at the lowest price (with the exception of hats) in comparisson to Prinful and all the others

  17. Maaaaaaan! Thaaaaank you big time. Exaxtly What I was looking for. Now I can die in peace 😁

  18. Cool info! Where are you gonna be selling your print on demand shirts at?

  19. Mr. Olympia oh snap!!!!! Great content Tanner this is super granular and you just answered questions every single person had or will have when speaking about this business model. Pure value thanks a ton!

  20. Always puts out useful content. Appreciated.

  21. Is there a reason to only sell your t-shirt designs on shopify instead of amazon fba?

  22. you looked big in your other videos but holy fuck 210lb?!?
    And thanks for the video been looking for these kinds of videos for a while but didn't expect it from an amazon expert

  23. Dude, literally exactly what I needed haha. I just ordered a couple of shirts and hats and weren't happy with them and had to pay quite a lot just for samples. Thanks Tanner! 🙏

  24. Great! Thanks for sharing this.

  25. For those using Printful, have you experienced issues where the shirts have brown smears on them? Printful sent me a shirt with that on it and i returned it and got another one with the same thing and they attached a note that said its from the printing process and you have to wash it for the smear to come out..

  26. above and beyond content as always bro!

  27. I've heard horrible things about custom cat though.

  28. lmao awesome vid man. Just wanted to say that I took your course and have absolutely been crushing it ever since!

  29. Do a crypto update XD we want to see the carnage!

  30. Can’t thank you enought Tanner, keep up the aweseome work!

  31. I don't wanna come across as thirsty but damn! lol You're probably one of the most attractive millionaire Tanner. Anyways thanks for always being such an inspiration. 😊

  32. Thank you tanner as always a great help and review on a business idea like I said in every comment before you really inspiring for me being 20 years old really inspired me to do things I’m looking forward to see way more videos from you PS how about short video on how advertising on Facebook Instagram add sense and more work and which one is the best to do thank you

  33. My favorite amazon youtubers all crossed 100k in subs including Tanner <3 , Kevin David and Derrick Struggle yayy!

  34. Great video,one suggestion that would help is the print quality and color contrast.

  35. this was really helpful actually.

  36. Couldn’t have come at a better time, thanks tanner. Always providing a ton value been following you for awhile, respect.

  37. Jesus talk about product research. Are you going to be checking out the hats as well. I think the snapbacks are pretty decent from printful. Nvm just saw the very end of the vid.

  38. my first month on shopify was mostly those gildan hoodies. pretty much no customer complaints with Printful. would highly recommend =D

  39. a lot of effort in one video
    Thank Tanner!

  40. finally a good overall review thx ur recommendation is custom cat but they are not the best for delivery and the printing quality

  41. That blue tank top was CA-LEAN.

  42. Man That compilation was wayyy to bad ass you should make a workout Chanel

  43. Could you make video about sales taxes?

  44. bro do you have scoliosis?

  45. Hi Tanner, what do you think about Bigtracker product research tool (if you know this software) just what is your thoughts on that? They provide free lite chrome extension for Est. sales and reviews but I am not sure about accuracy but this could be cheap way to begin with amazon FBA research. Thanks for reply.

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