Here is 16 reasons why your shopify store isn’t getting sales!

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I hear it time and time again. “Why is my shopify store getting traffic but no sales”.

There isn’t just one answer to that question, there’s a few, this video is the most in-depth answer you could possibly hope for.

1.) You are treating people like robots
I’ve literally seen sites that say CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTON NOW in capital letters, as if people are ever going to do that.
Countdown timers on every page that repeat themselves when they run out, sales pop notifications which are so over-used and take up a quarter of the screen on mobile.
A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t trust buying from your store, then nobody else would, please look at your site as if you were a customer.
2.) Trying to sell 4388 products at once
In-case you haven’t noticed, shopify is a huge trend right now, and it’s very competitive. Before you start selling hundreds of products every week, you need to learn to sell one.
You have to sell that one product better than everyone else can, so focus on one product, put all your effort into it, and monitor its performance while making slight tweaks.
Don’t waste time adding 48384 products to your store, add 5-20, make them look decent, then make one look absolutely out of this world, and focus all your marketing on that one product for a while, you will soon start to learn what works and what doesn’t.
3.) Putting every single item on sale
What a great way to come across as a reputable brand by putting every single item on sale for half the price, while making your sale prices double the cost of Amazon’s normal prices.
Just stop it, seriously. Look at your store from the eyes of your customer. You’re trying to come across as a brand with high quality products, not the most valuable store in the world. If people wanted the cheapest price they’d go to Amazon/eBay. Provide value in other ways than price.
4.) Trying to be a generalist store
Again, your dropshipping store isn’t going to be the next Amazon, so why try make it like that?
With e-commerce being so competitive, you have to really stand out, so why make your store so generic?
Focus on one target audience, let’s say you wanted to do a Pet store, why not narrow it down to dogs?
Because dogs is way too competitive, why not narrow it down to German Shepherds? Great, but when you’re starting out, why not start out being a premium German Shepherd Necklace store?
Now you’re getting somewhere, anyone who loves German Shepherds that see’s your dedicated German Shepherd Necklace store will fall in love with it.
Start off super niche, when you market to everyone to appeal to no-one, start out with VERY specific products, and then once you gain some momentum you can slowly expand, think long-term.
5.) No effort on branding at all
Branding is what separates a business, from an aliexpress get rich quick dropshipper.
It will make you seem 100x more legit, more valuable, and give people a reason to buy off you.
6.) Not taking the time to learn the skills it takes to run a business
So many people want to be the next huge e-commerce giant, but have no interest in actually learning the skills it takes to run a business
7.) Winging it – the first step in every business is to write a business plan, go to any investors without a plan and they will laugh you out the door, there’s a reason for this
8.) Horrible UX/UI design, keep it simple
User experience is very important, keep your UX/UI design clean, make your website easy to navigate.
Use clear navigation menus, don’t disrupt the user experience with loads of popups, use a back to the top button for mobile for long pages where they have to scroll down quite a bit.
Or, ask an expert for a UX/UI review, there’s a few on fiverr, although I’ve never used them so I can’t vouch for the quality, look around.
9.) Most websites aren’t complete
A simple spelling mistake could change someone’s mind from buying from your store, make sure your website is complete
10.) Copy and paste job
Don’t just copy and paste your descriptions, spend time writing unique descriptions that really sell your products and let people know why they need them.
11.) You’ve put in no effort with the product pictures
Go onto pixabay, pexels, other free stock image websites and use stock images to spice up your product pictures, this will separate you from your competition
12.) No product videos
Product videos are a great way to promote your products, show the size of your products, and really compliments them like no picture can
13.) Your marketing sucks
14.) You are neglecting your organic social media following
15.) Not providing any actual value to people
16.) Expecting to see amazing results after 2 weeks… lol

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