#2 Product Research (DONE RIGHT) Shopify Dropshipping

#2 Product Research (DONE RIGHT) Shopify Dropshipping



What up guys!




If you want to win a $100, literally just leave a comment below. I pick a new winner everyday.

Whats going on everybody. Welcome to the first video in my new shopify series. I’ll have new video every single day – until the series ends. This Shopify Dropshipping series will literally show you how to build your own store from the ground up. This has taken me quite some time, so do leave a like + subscribe if you enjoyed it.


  1. Very great video. Thanks for sharing!

  2. value f-ing bombs all day

  3. Always doing great content man! Can’t wait to start my mentorship!

  4. When should I link my domain to my shopify dropshipping store?

  5. I'm trying to create my pixel connor, can you show me how to do that?

  6. What apps should I use for my shopify dropshipping store?

  7. God bless you Connor I know you dont have to make these videos for us

  8. How do you do facebook and Instagram ads?

  9. hi … my shopify says that the shop is hidden behind a password … and you have to buy a plan to remove it. Hmmm is not free trial then if you cant sell without selecting a plan.

  10. This video is very informative and guess what? I finally figured this step out!

  11. Great Video! Thanks. How many products did you test before you found your first winning product?

  12. Nice content bro..keep it up

  13. Hope i win to start an Store

  14. Hey, great video, I love to get motivated to make more videos for my channel by watching videos like yours…I like to find ways to make money online and expose scams and money making scemes….check me out I would love more subscribers like you

  15. Great video!! Been making about $500 a day shopify dropshipping and talking about it on my channel 😀 Great content my man

  16. You're making me believe again!

  17. This dude literally gives away the information that I'd pay for.

  18. I see lots of dropshippers recommend google trends when doing product research but they also say to go for the product before it hits it's highest peak

  19. Thanks man, I like to keep things simple just to get testing
    1. I find a product that is selling – Aliexpress best sellers and those in the first few pages of the site
    2. Validate that it is currently selling – Look at recent orders on Aliexpress and search on Google trends
    3. See who else is selling it – Simple search on Facebook to see ads etc and engagement

  20. I am new to you're channel since yesterday and learned already so much new stuff 😃

  21. Excellent video … Research is key …

  22. Bro you give out the best information and advice keep doing the amazing work 💪🏼😎

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