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Video Work by ATLAS MEDIA
Executive Producers: Thaddeus Strickland / Isaiah Suko
Director: Isaiah Suko
Camera Operator: Isaiah Suko
Editor: Isaiah Suko

Thaddeus Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thaddy
Thaddeus Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/im_thaddy
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  1. Hope you guys enjoy!! If there are any specific videos you guys would like made please comment below!! Have a bunch of crazy content planned for y'all <3

  2. what did he actually say…. press the order button… then subscribe to some software so I get paid…..right

  3. Having a reliable supplier is also very important

  4. Okay hot products are great, but should you look for hot products doing well in your niche? Or hot products in general for a general store?

  5. Hey, great video! How do you make your thumbnails? Do you do it yourself or do you have a guy? lol

  6. Dope video bro, this is part of my product research too lol I spend most of my time doing product research, got my stores almost fully automated tho

  7. Thaddeus why do you say fashion is a good niche, all the Instagram pages are super saturated, and terrible. Wouldn’t it be better to use a personal influencer who page is focused around fashion.

  8. Yo thady make more aliexpress alternative sites vids, it was really useful since I started dropshipping on amazon only a couple of weeks back and it's hard to keep telling customers to wait a little longer for their product. 🙂

  9. Great video bud.. your text section isn't working for some reason on my phone. Got any ideas?

  10. Boi I've been selling those on amazon for 3 months! Little issues currently but listing right next to mine (which I am better than) are doing 100K+ rev per month its psycho

  11. Do you take your own instagram photos?

  12. hey bro thaddeus quick question i spent $1000 in snapchat ads but the margins were not so good can you please give me an idea of what sells in snapchat ad platform considering the people in snapchat are different than facebook can you please help me out i'd appreciate it

  13. What's the intro song? It's fire 🔥

  14. thanks for your videos What is the number of items in your store?
    I have heard of having cheap, cheap and expensive (3×3=27)

  15. Thaddeus the best! Does it a problem if I select women with LAA in adset?(I want to target women)

  16. I hope you could make a video about how to contact people's Instagram, YouTube or whatever it is, and make an arrangement of affiliate link (Where the person you contact put the link out for people to click and hopefully buy).

    Nice video!

  17. Do a Facebook ad tutorial video

  18. Nice video! I have a question though. What influencers can i use to promote a dad hat/cap? Luxury pages / meme pages?

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