[3/5] ZERO TO $5K – TOP SELLING SHOPIFY PRODUCTS | Chris Record Vlogs 73

[3/5] ZERO TO $5K – TOP SELLING SHOPIFY PRODUCTS | Chris Record Vlogs 73


In today’s vlog, Chris takes you behind the scenes as he records a new Shopify Rap Song, and then shares a detailed training on how to make money with Shopify by finding great products for free + shipping offers. SUBSCRIBE: http://chrisrecord.tv

SHOPIFY TRAINING: https://youtu.be/u0MX5OYpMJc
SHOPIFY GROUP: http://facebook.com/groups/tecademics
SHOPIFY VIDEOS: http://ecomtutor.com
SHOPIFY NOTES: http://bit.ly/shopifynotespdf


  1. Currently reading one of Russell Brunson's books and you just mentioned him. I'm starting to notice what a tight community there seems to be, with a few of you knowing each other and finding similar success…

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    greatworks.club/?StegC Great work…

  3. hey there! I just re-invested in my Shopify store and I'm inquiring on one on one help, I been trying to make my business boom by just watching videos but I really need somebody to look at it and help me..i wanna make 10,000 or more a month! Valauradorabey. com

  4. im not sure that a heartrate of 156 is even normal or wise, but i will keep excersicing

  5. I wanna add a motorcyle ring to my store.

  6. Check out my app. I'd be interested in working with you as well if your looking for additional eccomm revenue to invest in.


  7. when i'm rich.. how can i pay you back for all this knowledge?

  8. The tips you give are great but 7 minutes in you are still unboxing stuff. get to the learning faster please.

  9. I just found you and i love your style!!!!

  10. Easy and fun to find products but difficult to get massive traffic.

  11. I Wanna learning Lots From you

  12. can i get a tour of your house, inside and out?

  13. Motorcyclers???? Lol motorcyclists!

  14. yeah 6 figures in a month not enough hours in a day as it is

  15. What is the name of the add-on that makes the product in aliexpress In green

  16. make a rap song about how the fake systems online and how you can become a great sells person

  17. Can you please tell me that how to acess 90-day training of chris record? its better to provide a link for it

  18. hi chris, you can curate some content about entrepreneurship psychology. i think most of us need these kind of content. thanks for your useful content,

  19. Hey Chris, great video man. I am trying to join your Facebook page, how often do you expect new requests

  20. I want to know how to see your daily vlogs because I would like to know more and in my opinion this is the best for me.

    Thank you

  21. Your strategy is too difficult to practice here in India cz $1=66 rupees hence $5= 330 rupees! That's a lot of money for a beginner like me!

  22. I'm gonna win =), why? because i'm in the right path.

  23. I have a doubt i am an Indian and if i put adds on America and if usa people will buy can i get the commission !

  24. every video i learn something new.Where do we get the extensions

  25. hi, i just visted your website but i found Pakistan is not their. i wanna join your website!

  26. 6:15 men-tour mother maybe you can make #NEXTRAP 🙂

  27. Yes, do a song about cryptocurrency 🙂

  28. hy, chirs it's nannu from india and i was lose my all money in stock marketing and i have only $100 right now, so can you told me that how can i make money with $100.

  29. Chris you're awesome man!! I have 1 question for you. Would you suggest having a store with 1 niche and 1 design on multiple products, a store with multiple designs 1 niche and a few products, or a store with multiple niches and designs on a few products?

  30. I think the old lady was saying your sunny d character isn't why we watch we come for business and you bombard us with "sunny d" the first half of this video wasn't about anything in the title

  31. Can I request no more songs please 😂😂😂

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